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Is Dama N.V. Scam?

Since Dama N.V. is a cryptocurrency casino operator, there is certainly a question that arises. That is, if Dama N.V. is a scam operator or not. If you ever did research about the operator, then you probably saw thousands of responses. 

Some say that casinos are not paying, others say the same casinos are having the fastest cashouts. From our experience, we noticed many of these complaints are wrong. Some players later came back and edited their comments to claim that they missed the stake requirements. 

Overall, the blame mostly stays on the players. However, it is true that there are a lot of operators who are cheating. There are even operators who are generally very good, yet have a few casinos which are scams. 

So, when it comes to casinos in Curacao, you always have to be extremely careful. Even if a casino is not a cryptocurrency casino, they may still have a Curacao licence. 

Now, let us move on to the major points. Dama N.V. is a cryptocurrency casino operator that has over 8 years experience. That is if you combined it with the experience Direx N.V. has.

Their casinos were at the top of a lot of ranking charts all year. Not only that, they have won a number of awards over the years. Nowadays, the biggest market of promotions for DamaNV is live streaming service Twitch. 

Many streamers are playing in Dama N.V. casinos, and they do not seem to be having any problems. However, we also found several reports which seemed credible regarding casinos operated by Dama N.V. missing the payoff deadline. These players claimed that they received payments only after posting on the forums.  

On the other hand, we also saw a lot of satisfied players. Others have not even bothered making comments.   

The issue comes down to Curacaos licensing. It is a known fact that the Curacao officials seldom properly help the users affected. This is the reason so many people are suspicious about cryptocurrency casinos. 

However, after a cryptocurrency boom as recently as 2021, these same officials appear to have had a change of heart. We are seeing an increasing number of people satisfied by how the officials of Curacao have responded to their inquiries. Overall, while there were issues in the past at Dama N.V., they appear to be fading away over time. 

Now, players are glad to be playing in casinos that use this operator. After all, when it comes to cryptocurrency casinos, this is the most popular.


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