Slot machines are attracting more and more players to online and hardcore casinos. The games provided by these machines are easily accessible. Unlike Baccarat and Blackjack, slot machines do not require any special techniques from players to win. Players who come for pure enjoyment find their satisfaction in slot machine games. They have become the most coveted games in land-based and online casinos, especially since they account for 99% of the gross proceeds of conventional casinos. Players are further entertained by the progressive jackpots in slot machines.

What is a progressive jackpot machine?

A slot machine is said to be progressive when it allows the player to win a progressive jackpot. The principle is simple. The word progressive gets its name from the fact that the amount of the jackpot grows as players bet on a participating machine. Once won, the famous jackpot resets itself to a lower amount that will rise as players wager it again, and so on until a new lucky winner wins it.

The jackpot has no end. It is important to understand that the jackpot increases according to the number of progressive machines connected to each other, the number of players who bet on these machines, and finally the amount of bets to be played. Players who bet a lot of money on these machines will have the best chance of getting the best jackpots.

But it has to last, and as long as possible, without going broke, of course. Progressive jackpot slots are interconnected through a network of devices that allow for a common jackpot pool. This is what determines the size of the winnings.

However, it is important to understand that not all slots in land-based and online casinos are progressive. The player can identify a progressive slot machine by the name displayed above the penguin bandits. Like the Partouche Group casinos, its progressive jackpot slots are identifiable by the name “MEGAPOT”. Otherwise known as the Partouche Megapot, this is the internal jackpot in the group’s casinos.

In addition, the casinos of Barrière, Tranchant, Joa group, or those independent, the devices that bear the name of “Magic Casinos Jackpot” allow the players to try the jackpot. The Magic Casinos Jackpot is unfortunately no longer functional since 2013 due to the disappointment of players who had not won anything, unlike the Megapot which offers its players more chances to win millions of euros.

In online casinos, on the other hand, the classic slot machines are ranked according to the number of reels. But the player can recognize a progressive slot machine by the “Progressive Jackpot” logo displayed on it, making it easier for players to choose. In this case, the player can easily identify the type of machine that will pay out big.

Netent slots are the must-have in online casinos. They do not require any software downloads. As a bonus, they are completely free and are accessible to French-speaking players everywhere in the world except in France where its games will be withdrawn soon.

Choosing the right slot machine

If a player wants to take a chance at winning the prize pool in a progressive slot machine, they must first choose which machine they will play on. There is no specific strategy in this choice. The choice of machine is based on the player’s intuition. Also, you need to know the characteristics of these machines. But only patience and fidelity to one’s game are the key words.

The more experience you gain in the game, the more you increase your chances of winning. However, it is important to know that the chances of winning the jackpot of a classic machine are much more favorable than those of winning the jackpot of a progressive machine. Choosing the machine with the amount furthest from the initial jackpot is a better option. If a player wins, he will have more money, since a jackpot of $50,000 can be won before the jackpot of up to $200,000.

Among other things, it is advisable to choose slot machines that offer higher bets. These are the ones that offer the highest payouts to the players. In online casinos, it is the ones with the most reels that are more advantageous, with prize pools that can reach several million euros.


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