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5 tips for playing like a pro at slot machines

Find a good online casino

The first thing any pro slot machine player will tell you is to find a good online casino. Most online casinos offer a wide range of slot machines from the top software developers in the industry. In addition to being of the highest quality, the games also tend to have more bonuses and rewards attached to them. Find an online casino with a wide variety of slot games from various slot machine providers.

Take advantage of no-deposit bonuses

You may have seen many online casinos offer you a no-deposit bonus as an incentive to sign up at the casino. These bonuses are essentially free money that you can spend on the slot machines available at the casino for a chance to win real money. One of the main things to watch out for are the wagering requirements attached to these no-deposit bonuses. Some online casinos require massive wagering requirements, making it almost impossible to win real money. Make sure you get a no-deposit bonus at a reputable online casino with a reasonable wagering requirement.

Know the difference between local and progressive jackpots

There are hundreds of online slots to play and some of them come with local jackpots while others are linked to a progressive jackpot. Local jackpots are normally tied to a specific casino, which means that the money is generated by the players of that casino playing the slot machines. These local jackpots can differ in size at a variety of online casinos.

A progressive jackpot grows with each player participating in the action at different online casinos. These jackpots tend to grow much faster and offer spectacular winnings. Games like Microgaming’s Mega Moolah are known to create many instant millionaires. That said, it is always better to try a local jackpot game because the chances of winning the jackpot are greater.

Check the payout tables

If you are not looking for games with a specific theme but rather games that offer bigger payouts, the best thing to do would be to check the paytable of the game. This is the fastest way to find games that offer winnings that you find interesting. Also be sure to check the bonus features and special symbols in the games as a variety of bonus features often reward frequent wins and lots of entertainment.

Play free slots

It may seem counterproductive to suggest playing online slots in free play mode as they do not generate any winnings. That said, playing new slot games in free play mode gives you the opportunity to improve your slot strategy and learn more about the slots you are playing. Once you are confident enough, you can move on to real money play.

Use these tips and tricks and play online slots like a pro at any of the top rated online casinos.


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