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Madame of Mystic Manor: Slot Overview

Gather around as we unveil the tale of a enigmatic woman dwelling in an equally enigmatic abode, dedicating her days to weaving wilds, multipliers, and other enigmatic phenomena from the clouds. This narrative is masterfully crafted by Blueprint Gaming in their online slot, Madame of Mystic Manor. This game, steeped in mystique, allows players to harness the power of specifically framed grid positions, potentially filling them with wilds and sometimes multipliers, which become persistent during the free spins and super free spins rounds.

Madame of Mystic Manor distinguishes its base game and bonus rounds through a careful use of color. The primary game backdrop adopts a sepia-toned, almost black and white, picture book aesthetic, featuring an unsettling manor under a sky adorned with sun and moon, enveloped in clouds. With the activation of free spins, the scenery shifts to purple tones, transitioning to bluer shades during super free spins rounds. Throughout its various phases, Madame of Mystic Manor exudes a subtle Lovecraftian atmosphere, reminiscent of the Old Ones, though not as intensely dark as the realms of Darkness or Blood & Shadow, yet undeniably eldritch.

In the mystical world of Madame of Mystic Manor, the crystal ball is replaced by a captivating 5-reel, 4-row gaming grid adorned with 30 paylines for evaluating wins. With a betting range of 30 cents to $/€45 per spin, the game boasts an RTP of 96.25% and is built on a medium-high volatility math model. For those eager to bypass the base game, the option to purchase one of the two free spins features is available, although there are advantages to unlocking free spins through regular gameplay.

The game features lower-value pay symbols represented by Jack to Ace card ranks, which yield rewards ranging from 1 to approximately 1.67 times the bet for securing a 5-of-a-kind. Higher-value symbols include candles, hourglasses, crystal balls, and books, with premium symbols granting payouts from roughly 3.33 to 15 times the bet for a 5 OAK win. Wild symbols, present on all reels except the rightmost one, substitute for all regular pay symbols and can form winning combinations of 3 or 4-of-a-kind, mirroring the payout value of the book symbol.

Madame of Mystic Manor: Slot Features

Madame of Mystic Manor enchants with a suite of features including Hot Zones, Returning Wilds, free spins, super free spins, and the option for two bonus buys, all designed to enhance the mystical experience.

Hot Zones & Returning Wilds In both the main game and during free spins, landing a wild symbol activates a Hot Zone around its position, which remains through subsequent spins. Landing a wild within an already established Hot Zone upgrades its level by +1, starting from level 1. Should free spins be triggered, any Hot Zones from the base game carry over, with their levels linked to the bet placed.

The appearance of an Oracle symbol, found only on the rightmost reel, initiates the Returning Wilds feature. Within this feature, all symbols in Hot Zones transform into wilds, with multipliers based on the Hot Zones’ levels. When a payline includes multiple wild multipliers, the line’s total multiplier equals the sum of all multipliers exceeding 1.

If the base game reveals Hot Zones along with an Oracle and 3 scatters, super free spins are triggered instead of Returning Wilds, with Hot Zones becoming sticky wilds carrying over their multipliers. Hot Zones are removed after the Returning Wilds feature in the main game but persist through free spins.

Free Spins Securing 3 scatter symbols on the middle reels during the main game grants 7 free spins. An additional free spin is awarded each time an Oracle symbol appears during these rounds. Hot Zones are cleared from the reels at the conclusion of free spins.

Super Free Spins Achieving 3 scatters and an Oracle symbol in the base game unlocks 7 super free spins, where wilds become sticky and remain for the duration. Each Oracle symbol landing awards an extra spin and increases the multiplier for each sticky wild, summing multipliers greater than 1 for winning lines with multiple sticky wilds.

Buy Bonus Players have the option to directly purchase free spins for 50x the bet (with an RTP of 96.22%) or super free spins for 130x the bet (enhancing the RTP to 96.62%), offering a shortcut to these enchanting features.

Madame of Mystic Manor: Slot Verdict

Madame of Mystic Manor secures its place among titles like Madame Mystique Megaways and Madame Destiny Megaways in terms of thematic presentation, though its mechanics set it apart. This slot falls into the category of games that earmark positions on the reels to be populated with wilds later on. Many slots with similar mechanics operate in cycles, such as framing positions over a series of spins before filling them with wilds on a concluding spin. However, Madame of Mystic Manor introduces a more unpredictable element, relying on the appearance of the Oracle lady to activate the Returning Wilds feature, potentially with added multipliers.

Blueprint Gaming adds an interesting twist by modifying the dynamics of the super free spins round, injecting additional variety into the gameplay. The likelihood of simultaneously landing 3 scatters and an Oracle might seem slim, but the bonus buy option offers players an alternative route to these enhanced features. The allure of super free spins lies in the sticky wilds that remain fixed from their point of appearance until the round’s conclusion, a feature that gains even more appeal with the potential increase in multipliers upon the arrival of Oracles.

Although the game’s features may not be as powerful as some might hope, with a win cap set at 5,000x the bet (or 250,000 credits), it offers a respectable but not groundbreaking payout potential compared to other slots featuring sticky wild multipliers, such as Dead or Alive 2 and Top Dawg$. Nonetheless, for those not solely focused on chasing the most extreme sticky wild/returning wild features or those drawn to a theme shrouded in mystery, Madame of Mystic Manor presents an enticing option to explore.


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