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Return Of The Valkyrie Review – Yggdrasil New Slot

Return Of The Valkyrie online casino game launches

Nordic mythology is in the spotlight with Yggdrasil Gaming for these last months of 2022. The online casino game developer is offering a title that will take you through the best stories and wars of the servants of the god Odin. With a very well enhanced theme, Return of the Valkyrie is well on its way to being one of Yggdrasil’s finest productions.

The developer Yggdrasil Gaming is not where it is today by chance. For about 10 years now, it has been constantly pushing its limits to show its potential and gain the trust of virtual establishments. Currently, this potential is being realized with the huge success of Yggdrasil. The whole world of top DamaNV online casinos and around the world is now using the services of the publisher. With these new mechanisms of game engagement, it innovates and breathes a new era for online casino games. Despite winning numerous awards in its industry, Yggdrasil Gaming is not resting on its laurels and returns with a new gem: Return of the Valkyrie. We briefly discuss the publisher’s title and the benefits that are on the horizon.

Show Your Bravery To Reach The Gate Of Valhalla

The valkyries resurface with this dashing title from Yggdrasil Gaming. These female warriors, renowned for their fighting skills, have won legendary battles alongside gods, humans and other mythical creatures. Odin’s handmaidens are highly regarded by their master and Yggdrasil would like you to be too. On his production, you will have to be very brave to be covered with Odin’s many riches in the end.

At first glance, Return of the Valkyries offers an outstanding graphic quality that could already rank it among the top slot games with a refined design. Yggdrasil goes all out to bring out all the splendor that the world of mythology should inspire. In the background you can see a landscape made of mountains and in the foreground the grid of the game, composed of 5 reels and 3 rows. On this grid we can see symbols such as coats of arms, swords, ravens, card icons or even the Valhalla gate. Apart from these symbols, there are other symbols, such as the Valkyrie or the Valkyrie on her pegasus, which allow you to win even more.

The Return of the Valkyrie slot comes with 15,552 paylines, a number that should please the punters. The betting range is from £0.30 to £30 and the jackpot is up to 888 times the amount bet. Yggdrasil Gaming also offers an RTP of 96.5%. All in all these features are pretty good for a slot machine. In addition to these, there are some great features like side strike and splitz that give you more winning possibilities. To fill your pockets on this game you can go to the best platforms in partnership with Yggdrasil.


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