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New Games From Pragmatic Play And Quickspin

Pragmatic Play and Quickspin have chosen to share it with you on their new casino slot games.

Online casino game publishers are overflowing with inspiration at the beginning of this year. After many successes in January, Pragmatic Play and Quickspin do not intend to shout victory. Once again, these two giants of the industry are announcing the release of two similar games that will once again be unanimously acclaimed. They are the Hand Of Midas and Midas Coins slots. Knowing them, the bettor that you are should expect great bonus features and pleasant graphics. However, to be able to tell you more about them, we’ve been trying to get them out of the way. Read on to find out what you can expect from these two French online casino games.

Who said that all that shines is not gold?

If you have always agreed with the author of this sentence, you will surely change your mind after trying your luck at the online casino games Pragmatic Play and Quickspin. As their names suggest, these two slot machines take you to ancient Greece, the land of the Great King Midas. According to mythology, everything this sovereign touched turned to gold. Indeed, he was generous to the father of the god Dionysus. And to return the favour, he decided to grant him one of his wishes. King Midas had wished for the power to turn everything he touched into gold. However, he soon found this annoying since he could no longer feed himself.

King Midas decided to offer his gold coins to all gamblers at the online casinos Pragmatic Play and Quickspin on the Hand Of Midas and Midas Coins slots. Interesting isn’t it? Then, on both games you will find several glittering objects on the reels including: rings, chains, vases, chalices, earrings, crowns, poker card symbols and lots of other gold jewelry. However, to start the adventure on both games you should allow between 0,20 and 100 €. On the other hand, on Pragmatic Play’s Hand Of Midas you will have 20 paylines and 25 paylines on Quickspin’s Midas Coins.

Quickspin and Pragmatic Play casino slot games you can play in almost all Dama N.V. casinos.


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