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New Games From Pragmatic And Betsoft

Zeus opens the doors of Olympus to you

The history of Ancient Greece has become the playground of the most experienced developers. So you can’t blame Pragmatic Play and Betsoft if they do the same. As you may have guessed, the Gates of Olympus and Take Olympus slots land you on the territory where the Greek gods lived. Pragmatic Play’s Gates of Olympus offers a visit to the holy temple of Zeus, the master of the place. Upon your arrival, he welcomes you and shows you the nooks and crannies of his palace, including the location of his jewelry, crown and gems. Your mission will be to distract him and steal as much of his possessions as possible. The online casino game Pragmatic Play has 6 reels, 5 rows and a payout rate of 96.50%. Also, you will be able to walk away with up to €500,000. Note that to participate in the adventure you should allow between €0.20 and €100 per spin. Interesting isn’t it? But, what does the Take Olympus slot machine look like?

Unlike Pragmatic Play, Betsoft hasn’t just limited itself to the holy temple. On its online casino game the visit continues to other places in paradise. So you’ll have to go to a garden, discover the temples of other gods like Poseidon. In addition, Zeus will take this opportunity to show you a glimpse of his powers. However, you will have to use subterfuge to slip away for a few seconds without him noticing. This is the only way to steal gold coins. However, the maximum you will be able to win at this online casino game is €93,120. It has 5 reels, 4 rows and a betting range from €0.10 to €200 with an RTP of 95.49%.


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