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Check out the online casino games coming out in February

Pragmatic Play games scheduled for February 2021

For the month of February 2021, Pragmatic Play will not fail to make you live outstanding adventures on these new Dragon Kingdom productions: Eyes of Fire and Joker King. What do these two slot machines have in store for you?

This year, online casinos are welcoming new games to their game library, thanks to the developers who are constantly innovating. For the moment, it is Pragmatic Play which announces a news that will certainly delight the heart of the lovers of slot machines. This is the upcoming launch in February 2021 of two new titles: Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire and Joker King. These productions, with their design, the message they convey through their theme, as well as their features, will live up to the expectations of gamblers in France. Discover them in the following lines.

Win up to €31,250 on Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire

Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire is an online casino game in which Pragmatic Play has beautifully arranged the history of dragons and treasures. To make this move, the publisher has chosen to equip its slot machine with 3 reels and 5 paylines on which you will see the dragons and gems scrolling by. These two symbols will allow you to win several prizes during your sessions, but the eye of the dragon as the game’s joker will be even more lucrative. On the machine, an affordable range of bets is offered to you. It ranges from €0.05 to €25 and with a little luck you could win up to €31,250 when you place the maximum bet. A payout rate of 96.50% is built into the slot machine to allow you to cash out more frequently. All of these features are complemented by multipliers, Lucky 7 symbols and poker card icons to make it easy for you to form the winning combination.

Entertain yourself with the Joker Prince on Joker King

If you didn’t like the story of the dragons and prefer a fruit-themed virtual machine slot, consider placing your next bets on Joker King. This Pragmatic Play production will leave you breathless. It consists of 6 reels and delivers a total of 25 paylines. On the reels of this online casino game, several fruits such as cherries, plums and oranges will help you find the right combination, but you have to rely much more on the prince to collect the best winnings. It is clear that Pragmatic Play has thought of all gamblers to provide its production with such a wide range of bets. You will be able to bet from €0.25 up to €125. The big jackpot of €625,000, however, will go to the player who takes the risk of placing the maximum bet. With the game’s 96.50% payout rate, why don’t you do it for the jackpot?

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