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Brick Snake 2000: Slot Overview

Take a journey back to the year 2000, when mobile phones were virtually indestructible blocks that could endure almost anything. This is the perfect mindset to dive into Brick Snake 2000, a nostalgic online slot by Nolimit City that celebrates the era of rugged mobile devices. Back in the day, entertainment options on mobile phones were sparse, but one standout game was Snake. It involved guiding a pixelated snake to consume dots, growing in size while avoiding walls and its own tail. This simple yet addictive game has evolved over the years, seeing modern variations like, which refresh the classic with enhanced graphics and multiplayer features, yet the basic gameplay remains beloved and unchanged.

Brick Snake 2000 is a nod to those simpler times, reminiscent of Nolimit City’s Nine to Five, offering a pixelated journey that’s as much a visual challenge as it is a trip down memory lane. It evokes a period when people weren’t constantly attached to their screens, engaging in more traditional pastimes like reading or conversing face-to-face. The slot paints a picture that seems almost out of the late 19th century, with its portrayal of a life less digitally encumbered.

With its vibrant audiovisuals, Brick Snake 2000 is a delightful mix of chaotic fun and nostalgia, appealing to those who prefer their slots with a touch of originality, harking back to the days of the iconic Nokia 6110. If you’re reading a review for a Nolimit Slot, chances are you appreciate the unconventional, ready to embrace the wild ride that Brick Snake 2000 offers.

In the nostalgically designed ‘Nokyou’ phone setting of Brick Snake 2000, players are greeted with a 5-reel, 5-row gaming matrix, offering a whopping 3,125 ways to win right out of the box. The game’s volatility is notably high, aptly described as ‘Extreme’, which is an important factor for players to consider. The default Return to Player (RTP) rate stands at a solid 96.03%, although two lower configurations are also available. Bets can range widely, starting from 20 cents up to $/€280 per spin, accommodating various playing styles with multiple feature buy options readily accessible. An additional betting option, the xBet, increases the stake by 5% while maintaining the RTP at 96.03%, and guarantees a scatter symbol on the second reel. Moreover, the bottom row is inactive during the base game, and the unique moving Wild Snek feature is restricted from entering this disabled row.

The game’s pay symbols are creatively inspired by retro technology and internet culture. They include a sim card, a drill, a CD, and a Tamagotchi among the lower values, with four meme-inspired character symbols making up the higher-value icons. Landing a combination of five low-value symbols yields a reward of 0.25 to 0.4 times the bet, whereas matching five premium symbols can result in winnings of 0.7 to 2 times the stake. Wild symbols are also present on the reels, capable of substituting for any regular pay symbol to aid in forming winning combinations.

Brick Snake 2000: Slot Features

Brick Snake 2000 ramps up the excitement with its array of features that add layers of unpredictability and fun. Let’s dive into these features:

xWays Feature: In the base game, the xWays symbol can appear on any reel, unveiling matching pay symbols of varying sizes, ranging from 2 to 8110, representing a playful nod to the iconic Nokia 8110 phone. When multiple xWays symbols land during a spin, they all reveal the same symbol, significantly boosting the potential for winning combinations.

Moving Wild Snek Feature: The game introduces a Moving Wild Snek symbol, which can appear both in the base game and during free spins. This symbol has the ability to move across the reels in any direction, except backward, for 1 to 5 steps. Each position it moves over is transformed into a wild, increasing the chances of forming winning lines. Moreover, if the Wild Snek passes over an xWays symbol, that position will also turn into a wild, matching the size of the xWays revealed symbol, adding an extra layer of potential wins.

These inventive features in Brick Snake 2000 ensure that the game remains engaging and unpredictable, offering players a wild ride through nostalgia with the chance for substantial rewards.

Snek Spins Feature: Activating Snek Spins in Brick Snake 2000 happens with the landing of 3 or 4 scatter symbols, which then transform into Snek symbols for this feature. This mode alters the gameplay significantly:

  • Snek Movement: Sneks can move in any direction except backward. When multiple Sneks are on the board, they move sequentially, starting from the oldest. A Snek will continue its journey around the grid even if it moves off the reels, reappearing on the corresponding side. The feature continues until a Snek either collides with itself or encounters a Slayer symbol, at which point it temporarily halts.
  • Coins: Displaying values as multiples of the bet, these range from 1-5, 10, to 100. When a Snek consumes a coin, its value is added to the total win.
  • Multipliers: These can boost the value of coins by 1-5 and 10 times, enhancing the winnings.
  • Egg: Consuming an egg spawns a new Snek from the consuming Snek’s tail, with up to 3 Sneks potentially active simultaneously.
  • Slayer: Sticky on the grid, eating one results in the Snek’s demise and absence in the next spin.
  • Upgrade: Encountering an UP symbol elevates Snek Spins to Super Snek Spins after the current round.
  • MaxWin: Securing this symbol grants a win of 8,110 times the bet but vanishes if not eaten within 4 steps.

Super Snek Spins: Triggered by landing 5 scatter symbols, this round introduces the Collector 2000 symbol, gathering all visible coin values each spin. If a Snek consumes this symbol, its accumulated value boosts the win, further multiplied by the current multiplier.

Double or Nothing: Upon achieving the maximum win of 8,110x, there’s an option to double the win or lose it all, adding a high-stakes gamble to the game.

Nolimit Bonus: Players can purchase entry into Snek Spins with varying numbers of scatters or even opt for the Super Snek Spins, each with adjusted RTP rates for the cost. Additionally, God Mode challenges players to land specific symbols for a chance at the max win, with an even riskier God Mode Deluxe offering a double or nothing gamble with no option to back out.

Brick Snake 2000 intertwines nostalgia with modern slot mechanics, offering a game filled with high-risk decisions, transformative features, and the chance for substantial rewards.

Brick Snake 2000: Slot Verdict

Nolimit City’s slot games have always sparked a mix of reactions – some find them excessively harsh, others not enough, while many appreciate their uniqueness or criticize them. One thing is clear: the studio is far from producing the repetitive, uninspired content often seen in the online slot market. Although Snake-themed games are not novel, with titles like Snake Arena setting a precedent, Brick Snake 2000 takes the concept to an unprecedented level of eccentricity, packing its features and mechanics into the mix with the intensity of a misshapen sim card. It’s an unconventional slot through and through, challenging norms at every turn.

For the high rollers seeking extremes, Brick Snake 2000 presents an almost unthinkable possibility: the option to stake up to $/€2,340,800 in a single God Mode Deluxe roll. This staggering figure is almost unheard of in online gambling, making one ponder the boundaries of slot game design. Even the minimum engagement with God Mode Deluxe comes with a hefty price tag. This raises questions about the nature of slot games and the balance between offering high-stakes opportunities and responsible gaming.

Brick Snake 2000 will undoubtedly divide opinions. Its innovative approach to game design showcases Nolimit City’s relentless creativity, whether the reception is enthusiastic, lukewarm, or indifferent. The game features, such as Snek Spins, introduce a unique gameplay element that may take a moment to grasp but ultimately enriches the experience. It shares some mechanics with other slots like ELK Studio’s Coba but stands out with its distinct flair and memorable moments, especially when engaging with the high-risk, high-reward God Mode Deluxe.

Experimenting with God Mode Deluxe, even with demo funds, feels like a high-stakes gamble on its own, embodying the thrill of potentially significant gains or dramatic losses. Such features elevate Brick Snake 2000 beyond a mere slot game, making it a potent gambling experience capable of delivering both exhilaration and caution. In essence, Brick Snake 2000 is as unpredictable and potentially perilous as its serpentine theme suggests, embodying the daring spirit of Nolimit City’s innovative slot creations.


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