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Dragonfire Chamber Of Gold Review – iSoftBet New Slot

Dragonfire Chamber Of Gold : The Legend Of The Fire Dragon

The developer iSoftbet offers you a new adventure in the lair of a legendary creature, a bright red dragon, on its new slot machine Dragonfire Chamber of Gold. This online casino game available in top Dama N.V. casinos is full of features that you will enjoy discovering during your gameplay.

Many designers are inspired by stories, tales and legends related to the mythical creatures that are dragons to design their top online casino games. One of the reasons for this is that punters are very interested and appreciative of such themes in the virtual betting industry. Aware of this, iSoftbet, one of the leading software publishers is launching the Dragonfire Chamber Of Gold slot machine at the best online casinos. This is a production with a theme that highlights the story of a fire dragon. It includes bonus features and beautiful graphics that will leave you speechless. Let’s find out without further ado in the rest of this article.

Win A Jackpot Of 16,656 X Your Bet On Dragonfire Chamber Of Gold

iSoftbet’s free Dragonfire Chamber of Gold slot invites you to join a group of warriors to defeat a powerful fire dragon and retrieve its hidden treasures. Indeed, this mythical creature lives in a cave filled with gold and riches of all kinds. If you succeed in this treasure quest you will receive a large fortune. Survive his terrifying fire to win. The background of this title shows a dragon’s lair and a staircase that leads to its throne. This is certainly the dragon’s gold-filled room. Also, its soundtrack is quite uplifting.

Dragonfire Chamber of Gold entertainment option has 5 reels and 4 rows. On them, you will see card symbols from 10 to A, a ninja assassin, a warrior armed with a broad sword and wearing full armor, an elf archer, a wizard holding his staff to cast spells, and a horned witch. To enjoy this online casino game with 50 paylines, you need to budget between 25 cents and €25. Thanks to the great features of this slot machine, you can win a jackpot of 16,656 x your initial bet.



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