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Sugarlicious EveryWay – (RED TIGER) SLOT REVIEW

Sugarlicious EveryWay: Slot Overview

Sugarlicious EveryWay offers a unique blend of two popular online slot concepts, combining Megaways gameplay with the scatter pays win mechanism. Developed by Red Tiger, this game introduces players to the innovative EveryWay pays system, distinguishing it from traditional scatter pays slots. While not strictly a scatter pays slot, Sugarlicious EveryWay incorporates chain reaction wins, Sugar Bomb multipliers, free spins, and the option for feature buys, creating a distinctive and engaging gaming experience.

Set in a candy-themed landscape, Sugarlicious EveryWay provides a visually appealing environment filled with various candied items. Although it falls within the category of candy-themed slots, Sugarlicious EveryWay maintains a standard visual and auditory presentation that is both vibrant and enjoyable, ensuring a pleasant gaming experience.

The introduction of the EveryWay pays system sets Sugarlicious EveryWay apart from other candy slots, offering players a unique twist on traditional gameplay mechanics. The incorporation of Megaways elements, chain reaction wins, and special features adds depth to the overall gaming experience. While the visuals might not break new ground, the innovative gameplay mechanics and features contribute to the slot’s appeal, making it a noteworthy addition to the genre.

Unveiling the characteristics of this confectionery-themed delight reveals a highly volatile mathematical model with two default RTP values. The first is set at 95.69% when wagering between 10 cents and $/€6 per paid game round, while the second slightly decreases to 95.68% when opting for feature buys. The central focus is a 6-reel game grid, governed by the Megaways mechanic under license from Big Time Gaming (BTG). On each spin, 2 to 7 symbols grace each reel, dynamically altering the ways to win, with a maximum potential of 117,649 ways. However, in a departure from the norm, Sugarlicious EveryWay disregards the traditional left-to-right payout structure across adjacent reels. Instead, a payout is triggered when a minimum of 8 identical symbols appears anywhere on the reels.

The game features ten standard pay symbols categorized into two groups. The low-pay group encompasses the 10 to A card ranks, mirroring the hierarchy of the high-pay group, which includes a cherry, plum, lemon, orange, and watermelon. The calculation of symbol values proves challenging due to the pay table’s presentation of tiered values ranging from x2 to x6. This discrepancy might be related to the number of reels in the winning combination or other factors, adding a layer of complexity to the valuation.

Sugarlicious EveryWay: Slot Features

Adorning the top of Sugarlicious EveryWay like confectionery drizzle are chain reaction wins, Sugar Bombs, free spins, and the option to purchase bonuses.

Chain Reaction

Successful symbols vanish from the reels, paving the way for fresh symbols to cascade down, offering additional opportunities for wins. Should another winning combination materialize, the chain reaction system is reinitiated.

Sugar Bomb

Sugar Bomb symbols can appear anywhere during a spin, unveiling random multipliers ranging from x2 to x100. Upon a successful spin, all Sugar Bombs burst, and their respective multiplier values are combined if multiple symbols are present. The cumulative multiplier is then applied to the overall winnings generated on that spin.

Free Spins

In the base game, landing 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols triggers 10, 12, or 14 free spins, respectively. During the free spins round, obtaining 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters grants an additional 5, 6, 7, or 8 free spins, respectively. The pay table does not indicate any new features or changes specific to the free spins round.

Feature Buy

If players prefer to purchase free spins, they have the option to do so at a cost of 80 times the bet. Alternatively, they can buy a spin guaranteeing both a Sugar Bomb and a win for 25 times the bet. When buying features, a theoretical RTP of 95.68% can be anticipated.

Sugarlicious EveryWay: Slot Verdict

Combining EveryWay pays and Megaways could have been a more significant event if the studio had chosen a more original theme to enhance the audiovisual experience. Although candy is acceptable, it feels somewhat overdone, even in Sugarlicious EveryWay’s fairly typical presentation. The addition of fruit for diversity may have been considered, but the overall theme lacks excitement. This impression may not have been as pronounced if the side features weren’t so commonplace.

Unfortunately, the features seem a bit tired, with many elements feeling borrowed from Sweet Bonanza. Cascades, scatter pay wins (of a similar nature), Sugar Bomb multiplier symbols – it all feels like déjà vu, which diminishes the novelty of the Megaways/EveryWay combination. While Sugarlicious EveryWay doesn’t warrant immediate dismissal, if Red Tiger had matched the inventive core mechanics with more creative side features or added innovation to free spins, it could have left a more positive impression. As it stands, the game is satisfactory, boasting a sizable winning potential of 12,864.9x the bet. However, it’s hard not to think that with some additional effort, the entire experience could have been more impactful.

In summary, Sugarlicious EveryWay offers a pleasant candy-themed game with some generic elements. It performs well in terms of numbers and introduces an interesting interaction between EveryWay pays and Megaways. Nevertheless, after some time, the game starts to feel a bit like an overly indulgent consumption of a massive Toblerone bar – acceptable but leaving room for improvement.


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