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Gnome Wood

Microgaming – Gnome Wood – Top Casino Slots Provider!

If you are a beginner, this is the only excuse you have for not knowing about Microgaming. This talented publisher keeps proving its great value on the podium of the best publishers. The iGaming sphere has, moreover, experienced major technological advances thanks in part to Microgaming.

The provider of online casino games, born in 1997, has never stopped creating and always wanted to go further and higher. Not only does it excel in the development of slot machine games, but it is also very proficient in the world of other games, such as table games or online lottery games.

The question we would be entitled to ask would be whether the publisher still has the shoulders to innovate and produce modern content that appeals to its community? We already have our opinion on this question, but you can make up your own mind on the subject by reading our article about his new slot machine, Gnome Wood™.

Gnome Wood

It is in a deliciously joyful atmosphere that Microgaming takes you with its Gnome reel set Wood™. The game board is placed in a colorful clearing where a gnome seems to live. The music of this slot machine recalls the sound atmosphere of the Zelda games. We quickly fell in love with this pleasant atmosphere.

This 5 reel, 25 payline slot is very simple in context. You won’t have any special effects out of the ordinary, which would swear with the very peaceful gameplay. The symbols are relatively numerous, which is a real treat for the eyes.

Ancient ruins – representing the four elements – are the least rewarding symbols. Somewhat esoteric objects, such as gems, a cauldron and a grimoire will bring you a little more, but still less than the portrait of the mouse transformed into a mount for the occasion or the portrait of the gnome, hero of the iSlot Gnome Wood™. Microgaming casino slots offer all top Dama N.V. Casinos.



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