Progressive jackpots


Do you know how to organize a progressive jackpot?

First of all, you should know that it is not the casino that organizes progressive jackpots but the publishers(game providers). Let’s take for example the case of the MEGA MOOLAH progressive jackpot, which is one of the most famous, and which is at the time of writing, over $10 million. It is organized by Microgaming and not by the casinos that host the slot machine.

In fact, at the very beginning, Microgaming decided to put the MEGA MOOLAH slot in progressive mode, meaning that the publisher organized a special network for this slot, common to all the casinos that allow the use of MEGA MOOLAH. This means that every time a player plays on this slot, he enters this network, which allows him to recover part of his bet and thus feed the common pot, which is called the “Jackpot”. It is said to be progressive simply because it progresses continuously every time a player bets on the slot, regardless of the casino in which he is playing.

So you understand that the more a slot is known, the more players will log in and bet, and the more the pot will increase and the more interesting the slot will become. For your information, Microgaming is the company that has always offered the biggest jackpots, partly with this MEGA MOOLAH slot machine.

Jackpots are only on slots?

If you thought that you would find this progressive jackpot system only on slot machines, well you are wrong, because to this day, it is possible to win huge amounts of jackpots on some video poker, blackjack, baccarat and many other games, allowing all types of players to have their chance and not only slot machine lovers.

It`s your time get jackpot!

If you want to try your luck, be aware that you will still have to have a fairly high bankroll because often, in order to win progressive jackpots, you will have to make higher minimum bets than usual. So of course, during the course of the game, higher stakes also mean higher payouts, so you will have the chance to get your bankroll to increase faster, but if it is not your day, then you might well see it disintegrate just as quickly.

In any case, whoever doesn’t try anything has nothing as the famous saying goes, so try your luck and have a nice life.

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