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KISS – New Online Slot From Play`n GO

KISS Online Casino Game: Enjoy the Play’N Go Hard Rock Concert In Best Dama NV Casinos

Play’N Go has announced the release of its new KISS slot machine. This production that pays tribute to the famous American hard rock band will be available in December.

With the launch of games such as Alice Cooper: Tome of Madness and ZZ Top Roadside Riches, we can clearly state that Play’N Go is a big fan of rock, a musical genre that appeared in America in the 1950s. In order to pay homage to the famous bands and artists that have left their mark on the fans of this genre, the developer has set to work to design the KISS slot machine. This production will naturally be accessible on the best Dama online casinos in partnership with Play’N Go. To enhance your sessions, this publisher has integrated bonus features into his game that will allow you to win up to 50,000 times your bet and much more. Read on as we give you a taste of what this new entertainment option has to offer.

Are You Ready? The Party Starts in Minutes!

At its new online casino slot, Play’N Go invites you to a live concert by KISS. Fans of this American hard rock band, formed in January 1973 by bassist Gene Simmons and guitarist Paul Stanley, won’t want to miss it for anything. They are one of the best-selling bands in the history of music. The members of KISS have always been very popular internationally thanks to their extravagant costumes, the special effects they managed to put on stage, their make-up and of course the musical sounds they offered to the world.

If you’ve never heard a hit from this US-based hard rock, shock rock or glam rock band, you’ll have the opportunity to do so in the KISS slot. The game that takes you to the giant live concert of the year has 6 reels and 576 ways to win. The visual aspect of this title is very attractive, with a clear interface where you will have all the time to contemplate a beautiful show. In addition, the symbols that animate on the reels perfectly match the theme. The entry fee for this entertaining event ranges from €0.10 to €100, and at the end of the concert, casino players will be able to go home with a superb jackpot of 50,000 times their bet, which is an exorbitant €5,000,000 for a €100 bet. Note that features such as wild cards, free spins and multipliers will help you hit this jackpot.

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