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Drop ‘Em: Slot Overview

Drop ‘Em, the latest addition to Hacksaw Gaming’s ‘Em series, introduces players to the lovable characters Canny the Cat and Mona the Mouse. These characters have become familiar faces in Hacksaw’s slots, adding a touch of charm to the gaming experience. While Drop ‘Em is part of the same series as Stick ‘Em and Stack ‘Em, it takes on a distinct visual style that draws inspiration from another of Hacksaw’s titles, Canny the Can and the Book of Time. This departure from the book-themed design indicates that Drop ‘Em offers something unique and refreshing in terms of gameplay.

The game’s title, Drop ‘Em, hints at its distinctive gameplay mechanics. Hacksaw Gaming is known for developing innovative and entertaining slot machines, and Drop ‘Em is no exception. Players can expect a fresh take on slot gaming, and this uniqueness sets it apart from traditional slots. Despite its charm and appeal, it remains to be seen whether Drop ‘Em will become one of Hacksaw Gaming’s groundbreaking releases or take a more relaxed approach. Players are invited to explore the game and discover the thrills it has in store.

Hacksaw Gaming’s ‘Em series has a history of offering engaging and memorable slot experiences, and Drop ‘Em looks poised to continue this trend. While it may not follow the ‘Book of’ style like some of the studio’s previous games, it brings its own unique gameplay elements to the table. Drop ‘Em combines charm and innovation, making it an intriguing addition to the ‘Em series and a game worth exploring for slot enthusiasts seeking something fresh and exciting.

Drop ‘Em offers players a gaming experience that goes beyond its cute and charming exterior. Beneath its surface, players will find a medium-high volatile math model that results in a default RTP of 96.21%. Depending on the version of the game and whether features are purchased, this return percentage may vary. Players have the option to choose a base bet ranging from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin, and when they start the game, they’ll be greeted by a 5-reel, 6-row gaming grid, offering an impressive 7,776 ways to win.

Unlike many other Hacksaw Gaming slots that often feature a modest number of paylines, Drop ‘Em provides players with numerous ways to create winning combinations. As long as matching symbols appear on at least 3 adjacent reels from the left side, players can secure a win. The game’s pay symbols sport a wooden block design, featuring the classic 10-A card royals, as well as more unique icons like a leaf, a bird, a skull, a snake head, and a hand holding a lightning bolt. Payouts for these symbols range from 0.5 times the bet for a 5 OAK royal win to 1.5 to 5 times the bet for 5 matching picture symbols. Additionally, wild symbols are present on all reels and can substitute for any regular pay symbol. A five-wild winning combination results in a payout worth 20 times the stake.

Drop ‘Em stands out as a slot that combines its adorable appearance with a unique and intriguing gameplay experience. Its medium-high volatility and flexible betting options provide players with the potential for significant wins, while the 7,776 ways to win offer a refreshing change from more traditional payline setups. With its distinctive wooden block symbols and a top payout of 20 times the bet for a five-wild win, Drop ‘Em delivers both charm and excitement, making it a slot worth exploring for players seeking a fresh and engaging gaming experience.

Drop ‘Em: Slot Features

In Drop ‘Em, players will encounter two key symbols that significantly impact the gameplay: the Drop symbol and the FS symbol. These symbols play pivotal roles in shaping the gaming experience.

The Drop symbol serves as a trigger for a removal modifier. When it appears on the reels, it initiates a unique gameplay feature that can influence the outcome of the current spin.

On the other hand, the FS symbol, represented by Free Spins, is essential for unlocking the game’s free spins feature. Players must land these symbols to activate the free spins round, where they have the opportunity to enjoy additional spins and potentially enhance their winnings.

These two symbols add depth and excitement to the gameplay, providing players with opportunities to explore various modifiers and access the rewarding free spins feature in Drop ‘Em.

Drop Symbol

In the base game of Drop ‘Em, the Drop mechanic comes into play when at least one Drop symbol appears on the screen. Once all wins from the initial spin have been paid out, the Drop mechanic activates. Here’s how it works:

  1. Each Drop symbol on the grid falls downward and exits the reel, effectively removing all symbols below it.
  2. The symbols located above the Drop symbols then descend to fill the empty spaces created by the removed symbols, effectively creating a cascade effect.
  3. To replace the empty spaces, a randomly selected symbol is chosen to occupy them. This symbol can be any of the regular pay symbols or even the wild symbol.

By employing the Drop mechanic, players have the chance to create new winning combinations and increase their potential payouts during the base game of Drop ‘Em. This feature adds an exciting dynamic to the gameplay, making every spin full of anticipation and potential rewards.

Drop Spins Bonus

In Drop ‘Em, if you manage to land three Free Spin (FS) symbols during the base game, you will be rewarded with 10 free spins to enhance your gameplay experience. During the free spins bonus round, a unique mechanic comes into play:

  1. All regular pay symbols, as well as the wild symbol, are combined into a pool of possible symbols.
  2. The Drop mechanic is still active during the free spins. When an FS symbol appears on the reels, it may reveal additional rewards, such as +1, +2, or +3 extra free spins or an Upgrade.
  3. When an Upgrade is revealed, it results in the removal of 1 to 10 paying symbols from the pool of possible symbols. It’s important to note that wild symbols cannot be removed during this process.

This mechanic adds an element of anticipation and excitement to the free spins bonus round, as each FS symbol can potentially increase your number of free spins or enhance the quality of symbols available in the pool. It also provides opportunities for more significant wins and a dynamic gaming experience.

High Drop Spins Bonus

When you land four Free Spin (FS) symbols during the base game in Drop ‘Em, you’ll be rewarded with a bonus round featuring 10 free spins. However, the dynamics of this free spins round are slightly different:

  1. Unlike the previous scenario, this time, the free spins bonus begins with only high-paying symbols and the wild symbol in the choice pool. Regular low-paying symbols are excluded from the pool.
  2. As in the previous description, when an FS symbol appears during the free spins, it may reveal +1, +2, or +3 extra free spins or an Upgrade.
  3. When an Upgrade is revealed, it results in the removal of 1 to 5 symbols from the choice pool. Just like before, wild symbols remain unaffected and cannot be removed.

This altered configuration of the free spins bonus adds an extra layer of excitement, as it focuses on high-paying symbols and aims to create more significant winning opportunities during the bonus round. It provides players with a unique gaming experience and the potential for substantial rewards.

Wild Drop Spins Bonus

Achieving the feat of landing five Free Spin (FS) symbols in the base game of Drop ‘Em activates the Wild Drop Spins bonus, awarding you 10 free spins. In this particular bonus round, there’s a special twist:

  1. During the Wild Drop Spins bonus, only the wild symbol is eligible for use by the Drop mechanic. The choice pool consists exclusively of wild symbols.
  2. Just as before, when an FS symbol lands during these free spins, it can grant you additional free spins, with possible increments of +1, +2, or +3 spins.

This unique variation of the free spins bonus adds a thrilling element to the game, focusing on the wild symbol and its potential to create wild-filled winning combinations. It offers players a chance to rack up substantial wins while enjoying an exciting free spins feature.

Buy Bonus

When it comes to purchasing features in Drop ‘Em, players have several enticing options to choose from:

  1. BonusHunt FeatureSpins: This feature costs 3 times the bet, increasing your chances of triggering a bonus game with each spin. It’s highly volatile, offering a default RTP of 96.32%.
  2. Big Drop FeatureSpins: For 40 times the bet, each spin guarantees at least 3 Drop symbols landing, enhancing your chances of activating the Drop mechanic. This option is also highly volatile and offers a default RTP of 96.16%.
  3. Mega Drop FeatureSpins: Priced at 150 times the bet, this feature ensures that 5 Drop symbols land on every spin. It’s a highly volatile choice with a default RTP of 96.34%.
  4. Drop Spins: This feature provides you with 10 free spins at the cost of 100 times your bet. During these spins, all possible symbols are included in the choice pool. It’s a highly volatile option with a default RTP of 96.23%.
  5. High Drop Spins: Offering 10 free spins for 200 times your bet, this feature limits the choice pool to high-paying symbols and wilds as replacements. It’s a very highly volatile choice, featuring a default RTP of 96.29%.

These feature-buy options allow you to tailor your gameplay experience based on your risk preference and desired level of excitement, making it an engaging aspect of the game.

Drop ‘Em: Slot Verdict

It’s delightful to have Canny the Can and the charming team at Hacksaw Gaming back in action with Drop ‘Em. As expected from Hacksaw, this slot brings all the elements that fans love: a touch of charm, innovative features, thrilling gameplay, moments of intensity, and the potential for significant rewards. If you’ve enjoyed Canny’s previous appearances or appreciate Hacksaw Gaming’s unique blend of risk and reward, Drop ‘Em is well worth exploring, especially with its intriguing Drop mechanic.

While the Drop mechanic may seem straightforward, it holds the potential to deliver explosive wins, particularly due to the game’s numerous ways to win. This expanded grid can transform what might have been an ordinary win into an exhilarating spectacle, offering a wide range of possibilities. The Drop mechanic truly shines during free spins, but it reaches its peak in the Mega Drop FeatureSpins from the bonus buy. These spins, while costly at 150 times the bet per spin, can yield results that range from ordinary to jaw-dropping. They are not to be taken lightly, but the knowledge that Drop symbols will land on every reel, guaranteeing a win, adds to their allure. Additionally, the opportunity to purchase your way into the Wild Drop Spins bonus, featuring only wild symbols in the choice pool, is quite enticing and not something you’ll experience frequently through regular play.

Moreover, Drop ‘Em offers a maximum win of 10,000 times the bet, and after witnessing the explosive potential of the Drop mechanic, this figure feels within reach for the fortunate player. While most players may not hit the maximum win, Drop ‘Em delivers thrilling action through a relatively simple yet dramatically impactful feature. It’s a game that can keep you engaged and entertained while chasing those electrifying moments.


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