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Bison Blocks: Slot Overview

Bison Blocks, developed by Stakelogic, takes a unique approach by placing the bison in a mysterious and less conventional setting compared to the typical North American wilderness found in many other buffalo-themed slot games. While some players may appreciate this departure from the norm, others seeking the classic buffalo experience in an open prairie might be disappointed.

It’s true that bison-themed slots have become increasingly popular in the world of online gaming, and Bison Blocks adds its own twist to the genre. While the game’s setting may not be what players expect, it offers a different and potentially intriguing take on bison slots.

In Bison Blocks, players have the option to activate the Super Stake betting feature, which doubles the bet while keeping symbol values the same. What changes is that extra scatter symbols are added to the reels, increasing the chances of triggering free spins. The game offers a range of bet levels from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin without the Super Stake feature.

The game uses a ways-to-win pay system with a 6-reel, 4-row grid, providing 4,096 ways to win. There are 8 regular paying symbols in the game, with 4 low-value symbols represented by diamonds, spades, clubs, and hearts, and 4 high-value symbols featuring different colored bison. Winning with 6 symbols can yield payouts ranging from 0.7 to 10 times the stake, depending on the symbol. Wild symbols can substitute for any symbol except scatters.

Bison Blocks has a high volatility math model and an RTP value of 95.25%, which remains consistent regardless of whether the Super Stake feature is activated. Players can also choose to buy free spins from the bonus buy menu at varying costs, depending on the number of spins and the random option selected.

Bison Blocks: Slot Features

In Bison Blocks, when winning ways occur, the game employs a unique cascade mechanic. Instead of removing winning symbols as in traditional cascading slots, Bison Blocks removes all of the losing symbols from the grid. This allows winning symbols to drop to the bottom of the grid and remain in place. After the symbols drop, the empty positions on the grid are filled with new symbols. If this results in new winning combinations, the process repeats until no more winning symbols cascade onto the screen. After three consecutive cascades, the grid expands to 6 rows in height, providing 46,656 ways to win. At the end of the spin, the grid resets to its default size.

Free Spins

During the free spins feature in Bison Blocks, collecting scatter symbols works differently from the base game. As you collect 3, 4, 5, or 6 or more scatter symbols, you trigger 10, 12, 14, or 16 free spins, respectively. Once in the free spins round, a win multiplier comes into play, starting at x1. Each cascade that occurs during free spins increases the win multiplier by +1. This win multiplier applies to all wins and does not reset until the free spins round concludes. Furthermore, it is possible to retrigger the free spins by collecting 3 or more scatter symbols during cascades, which awards an additional +5 free spins.

Bison Blocks: Slot Verdict

It took a few spins to open up to Bison Blocks, as it wasn’t totally clear what the story was. Maybe because it’s a buffalo slot that does its best not to look like a buffalo slot, that made finding familiar footing slightly trickier. If the bison in the game were presented as zombie versions, Bison Blocks actually might have made more sense. It’s funny; it’s so easy to be critical about the repetitive nature of online slots – recycled features, recycled themes, and so on. Yet, something unusual like Bison Blocks can feel oddly unsettling. Perhaps this is due to being so conditioned by a certain way of doing things that stepping outside the box is unsettling, or there is a tangible reason why cliches become cliches. A puzzle for another day, perhaps.

It does mean Bison Blocks could have used bison, boars, bones, books, biostatisticians, it really wouldn’t have made much difference, really. In saying that, maybe there’s some link from the game to the flaming-eyed buffalo in the forest from the Amazon Prime series American Gods? Too much overthinking probably, which is funny because Bison Blocks is a pretty straightforward game, rules-wise. All you’ve got to do is hit a combo, clear the screen, and cross your fingers that the win is improved after the symbol cascade. Better yet, get at least 3 consecutive cascades to balloon the game grid out to its full size. Then, what was already a lot of winning ways becomes a shedload of winning ways. The win cap is fairly commensurate, at 15,000x the bet in the base or bonus game, but don’t want to sound greedy; it wouldn’t hurt to have been higher.

A real mind-bending max win figure might have meant more eyeballs pointed at Bison Blocks, but there are no real complaints. Bison Blocks is kinda weird for a buffalo slot, but not in a deal-breakingly offensive way, and the features have promise, so bison-philes, or players looking for a cascading wins alternative, might be down with Bison Block’s particular mannerisms. Stakelogic casino games can play in some of top Dama NV Casinos.


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