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Kitchen Drama: BBQ Frenzy Review

Everyone often likes to get some fresh air, especially after an exhausting day. And why not prepare a meal outdoors once in a while? Nolimit City makes this dream possible. Thanks to Kitchen Drama BBQ Frenzy, you can relax around a good barbecue all the time. It’s a slot machine that will blow your mind. You will enjoy extraordinary entertainment in the open air.

Kitchen Drama BBQ Frenzy is one of the most entertaining machines. It was created in the image of a cartoon. That’s why the theme is comical. In addition, the Far West aspect of the game will put some action. Between the Indians and the whites, the times were always hot.

5 rolls with 3 rows make up the reels. The interface offers images, from a quality graphic design. On BBQ Frenzy, food such as corn cobs, Steak with glasses, Mushrooms, eggplants, peppers, red peppers disguised as Indian… Charcoal symbols will also run through the machine. In short find all the ingredients to make a good barbecue. Moreover, to give more fun, Nolimit City has added a little touch. The developer gave life to all these icons. They will be placed on the barbecue grill, which is also the reels of the slot machine.

Features and benefits of Kitchen Drama BBQ Frenzy

This edition of Nolimit City ensures very favorable gains. As a redistribution rate, this one posts 96.7%. This means that the game easily awards winnings. The paylines available on BBQ Frenzy have 20 combinations. Bets range from €0.2 to €100.

On the bonus feature side, the slot has a variety of features. Wilds are arranged in several shapes. In fact, they are represented by several symbols, each activating a specific mode. The red chilli pepper icon unlocks the “Chili Wild” feature for example. And the steak disguised as a sheriff activates the “Sheriff Wild” mode.

If you’re thirsty and want to win free spins, then you’ll be delighted. Some symbols in the game allow you to join this bonus. Winning multipliers are also part of the game. Kitchen Drama BBQ Frenzy is a very fun slot machine. Once you’re on it, you’ll never want to turn off your screen.

For those looking to win, the game has a great prize pool of up to 100,000 coins.


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