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Witches Of Salem – New Slot From Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming launches Witches of Salem game

It’s already Halloween at the Dama N.V. online casinos powered by Rival Gaming! The developer is getting ready to celebrate in style with the dark and stormy backdrop of its brand new game Witches Of Salem, launched in time for this folkloric holiday.

Halloween is one of the most popular themes in the gaming world today, exciting for both young and old. You will find many slot machines featuring witches and all sorts of scary creatures such as vampires, werewolves, ghosts and zombies. So it’s no surprise that on the occasion of this holiday, Rival Gaming is launching the Witches Of Salem game. Through this title, it invites you to an adventure in the company of three witches ready to use their magical powers to help you win big. Read this article to find out more.

Benefit from Witches Of Salem Summoning to Win Big

Witches Of Salem is a 5-reel, 243-payline slot that features the story of three women accused of witchcraft. It all starts in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts, when 3 young girls began to speak in an unknown language. Afterwards, they began to act as if they were possessed by demons. Then, a handful of other girls followed who showed the same symptoms. After questioning, they accused 3 women who seemed to be endowed with supernatural powers.

Thus began the greatest witch hunt in history in a city plunged into darkness and totally asleep. The hunt resulted in numerous arrests of women as well as death sentences by hanging or burning. However, in Rival Gaming’s Witches Of Salem free slot game, there will be no blaming these witches. Far from it! Instead, the three evil vixens you’ll have to deal with will help you access magical rewards, free spins and a jackpot of up to 666,600 x the initial bet.

Right from the start, the dark green background of Witches Of Salem provides a chilling atmosphere for what awaits you. What better way to spend a Halloween with lots of chills! You’ll even find symbols related to the world of witchcraft on the reels, including the three witches, a black cat, a toad and the apple of the occult. Witches Of Salem was released on October 20, 2021 with an RTP of 95.72%. Want to play it? Below, we offer you one of the best French online casinos to do so.



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