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Wins of Mermaid Multipower – (FANTASMA GAMES) SLOT REVIEW

Wins of Mermaid Multi Power: Slot Overview

Mermaids, legendary creatures with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a fish, have captivated imaginations worldwide, epitomized by iconic figures such as Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid statue and Ariel from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid.’ In the online slot world, Fantasma Gaming introduces its own take on this enchanting theme with “Wins of Mermaid Multi Power.” The game’s protagonist, drawing inspiration more from the animated Ariel than Edvard Eriksen’s bronze sculpture, navigates players through a gaming experience reminiscent of Pragmatic Play’s popular “Gates of Olympus,” sharing several core mechanics.

“Wins of Mermaid” distinguishes itself as a scatter-paying slot that incorporates a tumbling feature and multiplier symbols, echoing the gameplay of “Gates of Olympus” but with unique twists. Fantasma Games enhances the slot with additional features to enrich gameplay dynamics. Unlike “Gates,” where the main character observes from the sidelines, here, a trident-bearing mermaid actively accompanies players, set against a backdrop adorned with coin piles and coral reefs, all under a warm, pink-purple glow. This setting not only pays homage to the mermaid mythos but also introduces a fresh aesthetic and gameplay elements to the genre.

“Wins of Mermaid Multi Power” showcases a captivating 6-reel, 5-row gaming setup, where victories are secured by landing 8 or more matching symbols on the reels, location notwithstanding. The game operates on a medium-high volatility math model, boasting a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96%, with betting options ranging from 20 cents to $/€80 per spin. Engaging the Scatter Boost feature doubles the likelihood of initiating free spins at the cost of a 25% increase in the bet size.

The game features an Avalanche mechanic triggered by any scatter win; winning symbols are removed, allowing new symbols to cascade down and potentially form new winning combinations, reactivating the Avalanche feature if additional wins occur. “Wins of Mermaid” distinguishes its symbols into low pays, represented by gems in hues of blue, green, purple, yellow, and red, and high pays, symbolized by items such as jewellery, a skull, a pearl, and a treasure chest. Scatter wins with 8-9 identical symbols yield rewards from 0.25 up to 10 times the stake, escalating to 2 to 50 times the stake for scatter wins comprising 12 or more symbols. Uniquely, “Wins of Mermaid” does not rely on wild symbols to facilitate scatter wins, offering a distinct approach to winning formations.

Wins of Mermaid Multi Power: Slot Features

“Wins of Mermaid Multi Power” enhances its scatter payout system with a suite of dynamic features including Avalanches, respins, explosions, multipliers, free spins, and the option to purchase bonuses.

Respin Feature: The Trident symbol, appearing on all reels during both the base game and free spins, activates a respin whenever it lands concurrently with a win. This action removes up to 12 random regular symbols from the reels, creating a Multiplier in place of the Trident. The value of this Multiplier corresponds to the number of symbols removed, followed by triggering an Avalanche.

Explosion Feature: The Bomb symbol, landing on all reels in both game modes, sets off the explosion feature in the absence of wins and Tridents. It detonates a 3×3 area around it, removing regular symbols and replacing them with one randomly chosen regular symbol across all vacated spots. Additionally, a Multiplier symbol emerges at the Bomb’s location, potentially offering up to a x10 multiplier.

Multiplier Symbols: Available at any game stage, Multiplier symbols can display values ranging from x2 to x500. Following an Avalanche sequence, the game tallies all visible Multiplier symbols, amplifying the total win accordingly.

Free Spins: Securing 4 scatter symbols during the base game unlocks 15 free spins. Within this mode, landing a Multiplier symbol on a winning spin adds its value to a cumulative Total Multiplier, which is then applied to subsequent wins involving new Multiplier symbols. Additional free spins can be won—5 for 3 scatters, and 15 for 4.

Bonus Buy Option: Players have the opportunity to directly access the free spins feature by purchasing it for 100 times their bet, activating the bonus round instantly. Opting for this feature sets the RTP at 96.27%, offering a strategic shortcut to the game’s more lucrative elements.

Wins of Mermaid Multi Power: Slot Verdict

From beginning to end, it’s hard not to acknowledge the influence of Pragmatic Play’s “Gates of Olympus” on the creation of “Wins of Mermaid.” The combination of cascading reels, scatter pays, and multiplier symbols has proven to be a winning formula for Pragmatic Play, inspiring several of the studio’s subsequent games. Now, Fantasma Games seems to have embraced the concept popularized by “Gates of Olympus,” crafting its own interpretation. This could be seen in two lights: either the studio sought to leverage the success of the Gates series by integrating similar features with slight tweaks, or they genuinely admired the game mechanics and believed they could enhance them with their own creative touches, leading to the birth of “Wins of Mermaid.”

Regardless of the motivation—whether it’s one of these scenarios or a blend of both—players now have a new aquatic-themed slot that mirrors the scatter-paying dynamics of “Gates of Olympus.” Positively, the unique additions by Fantasma Games enrich the gaming experience. While not groundbreaking, the inclusion of features like Tridents, Bombs, and explosions contribute to the game’s distinctiveness, ensuring “Wins of Mermaid” stands apart from being just another clone. Moreover, “Wins of Mermaid” boasts a higher winning potential than “Gates of Olympus,” with the exception of “Gates of Olympus 1000,” reaching up to 10,000x the stake.

Does this make “Wins of Mermaid” superior to its ancient Greek-inspired counterpart? Not necessarily, but it also doesn’t reduce it to mere imitation. While “Wins of Mermaid” may lack the distinct visual flair that Pragmatic Play slots are known for, and despite the similarities, it distinguishes itself with added complexity, innovative features, and a more significant winning potential compared to its competitors, offering a compelling scatter-paying slot experience.


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