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Wild Swarm 2: Slot Overview

It’s fascinating to observe how online gambling, despite its controversial reputation in some circles, frequently incorporates themes filled with whimsical and endearing elements. Common motifs include fruits, leprechauns, cute wild animals, and candy, all designed to add a touch of charm to the gaming experience. Among these delightful themes, bees have also made their mark, with Push Gaming’s Wild Swarm in 2018 emerging as a standout in the bee-themed slot genre. Fast forward about six years, and the developers have revisited their sweet inspiration, resulting in Wild Swarm 2. This sequel combines elements from the original game with updated mechanics and new features.

Wild Swarm 2 transports players back to the visually captivating forest setting of its predecessor, complete with equally enchanting music that enhances the immersive experience. The game excels in creating a whimsical world where, aside from the hierarchical structure centered around the queen bee, the collective effort in nectar gathering and honey production mirrors a fantasy of insectoid collectivism. This charming backdrop serves not only to entertain but also to offer a temporary escape from reality, inviting players into a harmoniously buzzing community dedicated to the sweetest of endeavors.

Wild Swarm 2 is crafted with a rustic charm, featuring a 5-reel, 4-row gaming grid framed by wooden planks, embedded with 20 paylines for determining wins. This sequel elevates the volatility to high, a notch up from the original Wild Swarm’s medium-high setting. It also impressively maintains a high Return to Player (RTP) rate, boasting a default RTP of 96.67%, slightly down from the original’s exceptionally high 97.03%. Betting options range from 10 cents to $/€100 per spin, complemented by four distinct bonus buy features.

The game’s symbols are a delightful mix of nature and sweetness. The lower-value symbols are represented by leafy J to A card suits, while the higher-value icons include a purple flower, a white flower, a honey jar, a crown, and a honey-dripping dollar sign. The rewards for matching five low-value symbols range from 0.5 to 0.7 times the bet, with the high-value symbols offering payouts between 1.25x to 15x the bet for the same. Wild Honey and Sticky Wild symbols act as wilds, substituting for all other paying symbols and matching the payout of the highest-value symbol. However, it’s worth noting that Sticky Wilds are exclusive to the bonus rounds and do not appear in the base game.

Wild Swarm 2: Slot Features

Diving into Wild Swarm 2 brings a sense of nostalgia for those familiar with its predecessor, alongside the excitement for new enhancements, particularly the addition of reel multipliers.

Sticky Wild Feature: The Sticky Wild, marked by a bee symbol, makes an appearance exclusively during free spins and the Swarm Mode feature. Once it lands, it remains in place for the duration of the feature, enhancing potential wins.

Chest Feature: The appearance of a Chest symbol in the base game, free spins, or Swarm Mode initiates the Chest feature. Players are presented with 5 Hidden Chest Prizes from which to choose. Selecting a chest reveals and awards its prize. In the base game, rewards can range from bet multipliers (2x to 1,000x), free spins, a Swarm Boost (immediately increasing the Hive Meter), or triggering Instant Swarm Mode. During free spins or Swarm Mode, the prizes can include bet multipliers, an additional 1-6 free spins, or a Sticky Wilds Reel complete with a multiplier.

Collectable Bees: In the base game, landing a bee symbol prompts it to fly into the hive, contributing to its progress and leaving a wild honey symbol in its spot. There are two bee types: the worker bee, which advances the hive meter by +1 segment, and the queen bee, which propels it by +5 segments. Once the hive reaches level 5 and a bee symbol lands, the hive might explode, initiating Swarm Mode, with the queen bee having a higher likelihood of triggering this event.

These features merge the familiar charm of the original Wild Swarm with fresh dynamics, offering players both comfort in what they know and excitement in the new possibilities.

For fans of the original Wild Swarm, Wild Swarm 2 brings a comforting familiarity with its features, coupled with the excitement of fresh additions, notably reel multipliers.

Sticky Wild: This feature utilizes a bee-adorned wild symbol, the Sticky Wild, which appears exclusively during free spins and the Swarm Mode feature. These Sticky Wilds stay fixed in their position until the end of the feature, enhancing win potential.

Chest Feature: Triggered by landing a Chest symbol in the base game, free spins, or Swarm Mode, this feature presents players with 5 Hidden Chest Prizes to choose from. Selection reveals and awards the prize, which in the base game can range from 2x to 1,000x bet multipliers, free spins, a Swarm Boost for an immediate increase of the Hive Meter, or Instant Swarm Mode. In free spins or Swarm Mode, rewards include bet multipliers, additional free spins, or a Sticky Wilds Reel with a multiplier.

Collectable Bees: In the base game, bee symbols contribute to hive progress; upon landing, they convert to wild honey symbols. Worker bees increase the hive meter by one segment, whereas queen bees provide a substantial five-segment boost. A filled hive meter, especially at level 5, can trigger the explosive Swarm Mode feature, with queen bees heightening the chance of activation.

Free Spins: The game escalates excitement with its free spins feature:

  • 3 scatters trigger 7 free spins with 3 guaranteed Sticky Wilds.
  • 4 scatters lead to 8 free spins with 4 guaranteed Sticky Wilds.
  • 5 scatters unlock 10 free spins with 5 guaranteed Sticky Wilds. These Sticky Wilds come with multipliers and remain until the feature concludes. Reel multipliers enhance win potential, and filling multiplier reels grants additional free spins.

Swarm Mode: This mode, triggered by a level 5 hive explosion or via the Chest feature, starts with 10 free spins and ascending reel multipliers across the reels. A stack of Sticky Wilds is randomly placed on a reel at the outset, enriching the session. Post-Swarm Mode, a new partially filled hive at a random level prepares players for continued action.

Bonus Buy: An option to directly purchase free spins, with varying scatter triggers and associated RTP rates, offers players an instant route to these engaging features, tailoring the game’s thrill to their preference.

Wild Swarm 2: Slot Verdict

Creating a sequel to a beloved game poses a significant challenge, necessitating a fine balance between retaining cherished elements and introducing new features. The goal is to avoid alienating fans with drastic changes or disappointing them with a lack of innovation. Push Gaming has consistently demonstrated its prowess in crafting compelling sequels, as seen with the ‘Fat’ series and the memorable Razor Returns. Now, with Wild Swarm 2, the studio aims to recapture the magic of the original while offering fresh enhancements.

Wild Swarm 2 builds on the success of its predecessor, significantly increasing the winning potential to a 10,000x bet cap, a leap made possible through the introduction of Reel Multipliers. These multipliers, sparingly used during the free spins round and unleashed in full during the Swarm Mode, amplify the game’s excitement. The thrill of collecting Sticky Wilds on the reels adds another layer of engagement, making these features not just additive but transformative.

Despite these enhancements, Wild Swarm 2 maintains the original’s charm and allure, inviting players back into its enchanting forest setting. While it remains to be seen whether Wild Swarm 2 will achieve the same level of acclaim as Razor Returns, it stands out as a worthy sequel. It appeals to fans of the first game and attracts new players with its compelling gameplay and the promise of a ‘potent sting in its tail.’


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