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Water Tiger – New Casino Slot From Endorphina

Water Tiger Online Casino Game

More and more developers are taking inspiration from China and its culture to create excellent slot machines. This is the case of Endorphina, which has produced the online casino game Water Tiger, a slot based on one of the elements of the Chinese sexagesimal cycle.

Bringing a special touch to each game release remains the mark of renowned developers. They draw on themes from a variety of backgrounds to design and make their titles appealing. One of these quality publishers is Endorphina, whose slot games are sure to catch the attention of the bettors. Thanks to its remarkable know-how, the world of top online casino games is boosted and players feel comfortable to enjoy quality titles. Those who will play the Water Tiger slot will have the opportunity to discover all the enormous creativity that Endorphina has shown, despite the difficult theme that is still unknown to the general public. Will the content of this masterpiece be worth it? What is this theme tackled this time? If you want to have clear and precise answers to these questions and many others, continue reading this article.

Be Placed Under The Sign Of The Water Tiger To Win Colossal Amounts

One of the richest and most varied cultures since the beginning of time is undoubtedly that of China. The sexagesimal cycle is known as a Chinese system of defining time based on two sets of signs: the twelve earthly branches and the ten heavenly stems. It is numbered from 1 to 60 and each square represents a given element. Based on this cycle, Endorphina teaches you more about it through the free slot game Tiger Water. As the name suggests, this game is about the thirty-ninth element, which is none other than the Tiger Water.

According to Chinese astrology, the tiger is known to be a fiery, brave and independent animal. The Water Tiger is wiser, more balanced and less fiery. It develops intuitive abilities quite easily thanks to its increased sensitivity. He also has the gift of sensing danger from afar and dodging it. If you have all of these qualities of the Water Tiger, you will be able to make your sessions on the Tiger Water online casino game quite easily. This masterfully designed title by Endorphina features 5 reels and 20 paylines. To play this production, you must be able to make bets between 0.10 and 200 € per rotation. The slot has a payout ratio of 96.03% which promises great wins.



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