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Viking Runecraft Apocalypse – New Play N Go Casino Slot Review

The original Viking Runecraft slot was released back in 2017, and now its sequel, Viking Runecraft Apocalypse, has made its debut. The developers have made several improvements in certain areas, and the sequel has the potential to offer much higher payouts. However, there’s a catch; the sequel comes with a lower RTP (Return to Player) compared to the original, which may not be favorable for some players. Nevertheless, they have retained the captivating Viking-inspired graphics and the expansive setup for an immersive gaming experience.

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse has the potential to pay out a substantial amount, with the highest rewards going up to 10,000 times the initial stake. The RTP for this sequel is 96%, slightly lower than the original’s 96.70%, and players can expect a medium-high volatility level. The game is played on a 7×7 reel grid, and payouts are achieved through the Cluster Pays engine, which rewards players for forming clusters of matching symbols.

As you embark on this thrilling gaming journey, you’ll encounter various exciting features, such as Spirit Wilds, random modifiers that can spice up your gameplay, cascades that offer consecutive wins, the Power of the Aesir modifiers, and the Ragnarok Free Spin, which promises even greater rewards. So, brace yourself for an epic adventure filled with excitement and the chance to claim impressive winnings in Viking Runecraft Apocalypse.

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Betting and Prizes

After choosing your desired betting amount from the list provided at the bottom, you are all set to begin your gaming adventure. The available bet values range from $0.05 to $100, offering a flexible range for players to choose from.

The game features a tempting 10,000x jackpot, a target that is likely to captivate and excite most players. However, achieving this grand prize won’t come without a challenge, as the medium-high volatility ensures that claiming a significant reward won’t be a walk in the park. Nonetheless, players can take comfort in knowing that the game’s Return to Player (RTP) stands at a respectable 96%, offering a fair chance of winning as you embark on your quest for big payouts.

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Game Features

The game features a 7×7 reel grid, displaying a total of 49 symbols simultaneously. To achieve wins, players must form clusters of matching symbols, with a minimum of 5 adjacent symbols required for a cluster to be formed. The most rewarding clusters consist of 20 or more symbols, offering payouts of up to 500 times the initial stake.

Once clusters are formed, the cascading reels mechanic is triggered, causing the winning symbols to disappear. In their place, new symbols, including Spirit Wilds, drop down to potentially form additional clusters and create more winning opportunities.

Collecting Wilds is an essential aspect of the game, and they are stored in a special meter. When four Wilds are collected, a random modifier is awarded, which can add Wilds in various numbers and positions on the grid.

Another exciting feature is the Runic Charge, represented by a meter that fills up as winning symbols appear. Once the meter is filled with four different types of winning symbols, four types of modifiers are triggered, enhancing the gameplay further.

The main highlight of the game is the Ragnarok Free Spin feature. To unlock this round, players must fill the Runic Charge meter with a total of 65 symbols. Once activated, the Ragnarok Free Spin offers multiple modifiers, providing a chance for even greater rewards and excitement during the gameplay.


Immersed in a captivating Viking theme, this slot machine draws its inspiration from the powerful Nordic gods, infusing the game’s narrative with their mystical presence. As the reels spin, the mighty figure of Odin stands prominently in the backdrop, overseeing the gaming action with his divine wisdom. The game area itself is adorned with an enchanting array of runestones and adorned with iconic Viking artifacts, such as swords, horns, and the legendary Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer, reflecting the rich Norse mythology that serves as the heart of this slot’s story. With every spin, players embark on a thrilling journey through the ancient realms of the Vikings, guided and influenced by the mighty deities of old.


Undoubtedly, Viking Runecraft Apocalypse has taken significant strides in enhancing the overall gaming experience compared to its predecessor. The introduction of more substantial prizes and rewarding gameplay elements has undoubtedly captivated players. However, one aspect that leaves room for improvement is the Return to Player (RTP). Many players share the sentiment of desiring a similarly high RTP as seen in the original slot machine, which would further elevate the game’s appeal and ensure a more balanced and enjoyable gaming experience. Nevertheless, despite this small setback, the allure of Viking Runecraft Apocalypse remains strong, offering an exciting journey into the realm of Norse mythology with the potential for remarkable rewards. Play N Go casinbo slot games can play in wide range ot top Dama NV online casinos.


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