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Undefeated Xerxes – (PLAY’N GO) SLOT REVIEW

Undefeated Xerxes: Slot Overview

While the valor of the 300 Spartans (alongside their allies) is often highlighted, it’s important to remember that the Persian army, led by King Xerxes I, did achieve a tactical victory at Thermopylae before advancing further into Greece. Despite this initial success, Xerxes eventually withdrew to Persia, and the forces he left in Greece were ultimately vanquished, concluding the Persian incursion. This outcome could be interpreted as a defeat for the invasion effort, which makes the choice of naming Play’n GO’s game “Undefeated Xerxes” rather intriguing, but let’s remember we’re delving into an online slot review, not dissecting historical events.

Regardless of its somewhat debatable name, “Undefeated Xerxes” kicks off with an impressive animated introduction that immerses players into its Ancient Greek theme. Play’n GO has effectively animated the classic imagery found on Ancient Greek pottery, particularly the iconic black-figure and red-figure pottery styles, bringing this ancient art to vibrant life. This inventive approach and its polished realization sparked excitement about the game’s features, even if the background and symbols used throughout the game didn’t quite leave as lasting an impression as the introduction.

“Undefeated Xerxes” unfolds its epic saga across a 5-reel, 4-row battlefield, providing players with 30 paylines to calculate victories. Echoing the unpredictability of ancient warfare, the game is designed with high volatility in mind, featuring several RTP (Return to Player) configurations with a default setting of 96.2%—typical of Play’n GO’s offerings. Bets range from 10 cents to $/€100, catering to a wide array of warriors in the digital arena. Although the free spins round stands as one of the game’s pinnacle experiences, players must earn their way there through gameplay, as the option to purchase direct access to this feature is notably absent.

The paytable resembles a clash of ancient forces, featuring card rank symbols from 10 to A, styled after Greek alphabets and emblazoned on shields, serving as the lower-value icons. The arsenal of higher-value symbols includes crossed swords, a helmet, and armor, paying tribute to the warrior’s gear. A line of five card symbols yields 2 to 2.8 times the stake, while the warrior equipment rewards players with 4 to 6 times the bet for five of a kind. The game’s hero symbol stands as a lucrative figure, offering a bounty of 25 times the stake for a quintet, ready to lead players to glory on this digital battlefield.

Undefeated Xerxes: Slot Features

In “Undefeated Xerxes,” while the features might not break new ground in terms of innovation, they synergize effectively, mirroring the cohesive strength of a well-organized hoplite phalanx.

Wilds, Wild Multipliers, and Wild Frames Wild symbols, which can substitute for all other symbols apart from scatters, are found across all reels. Wins that include wild multipliers see their value multiplied accordingly, with potential multipliers being x2, x3, x4, or x5. When multiple wild multipliers appear on a payline, their values are combined, enhancing the payout potential. Moreover, achieving a line of five wild symbols yields a win 25 times the stake. In the base game, 3 to 4 wild frames can randomly appear on the reels and may upgrade over time. When activated, Wild Frames transform into either wilds or wild multipliers, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Free Spins The free spins feature is activated by landing three scatter symbols, awarding 10 free spins. A special feature may trigger randomly during regular play, ensuring that the first two reels receive two scatter symbols, although scatters are absent from the free spins round, preventing retriggering. However, wilds that land during free spins create a frame in their spot that persists until the end of the round. If a second wild lands in the same spot, it upgrades the wild frame. On the final free spin, all wild frames become wild symbols, and any upgraded wild frames turn into wild multipliers. Additionally, the hero symbol receives an x25 multiplier for the last spin, and any multipliers on the same payline are cumulative, potentially leading to significant wins.

Undefeated Xerxes: Slot Verdict

“Undefeated Xerxes” channels much of its excitement and potential rewards into the bonus round, with an emphasis on the climactic final free spin. Until this point, players may find the journey through the base game to be somewhat monotonous, as it often unfolds with minimal fanfare, save for occasional appearances of wild frames and wild multipliers. This can result in periods of gameplay that feel slow and, at times, uneventful. However, the game’s ambiance is periodically elevated by high-quality animations, showcasing the commendable effort of the Play’n GO art team.

The real game-changer comes with the final spin of the free spins round, transforming the previously calm gameplay into a moment brimming with anticipation. This pivotal spin has the potential to be either exhilarating or anticlimactic, depending on the build-up of wild frames and wild multipliers throughout the preceding spins. A successful accumulation and conversion of these elements can turn the final moments into a thrilling prospect. Play’n GO caps the excitement with a maximum win potential of 10,000x the bet, which could be significantly realized in this last flourish.

The outcome of this final free spin carries substantial weight, shaping players’ overall impressions of “Undefeated Xerxes.” A rewarding conclusion to the bonus round can overshadow the more mundane aspects of the base game and highlight the slot’s more appealing features, like its engaging animations. Conversely, an underwhelming end may leave players more attuned to the game’s limitations and less innovative aspects.


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