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Towering Pays Excalibur – New Casino Slot From Yggdrasil

New Towering Pays Excalibur Online Casino Game

The stories of legends have fascinated many developers and they have been inspired to produce attractive online casino games. This is the case of Yggdrasil Gaming which produces its online casino game Towering Pays Excalibur inspired by the legend of Excalibur.

The online casino games industry is driven by developers who put out big money to design quality titles. Thanks to their presence, this sphere is booming and many gamblers take advantage of it to have fun at their leisure. Among them is Yggdrasil, a designer who shows inventiveness with each of his releases. This time they take you to Londinium and introduce you to one of their legends that you have probably heard of in their Towering Pays Excalibur slot. What is the name of this mythical character? What does this online casino game offer in terms of entertainment and winnings? The answers to these and other questions will be given in the next section.

Use Excalibur to Win a €25,000 Jackpot

Through the online casino game Towering Pays Excalibur, Yggdrasil invites you to go on an odyssey to Londinium to discover the legend of Excalibur. The legend involves Arthur, a mythical character who was raised by prostitutes and had a painful childhood. While still very young, he learned to wield swords with his friends. He became a master of this art and impressed his world with his remarkable predisposition and ease. Later, he understood that his mission was to free his people from the hands of the tyrannical king of the island of Brittany. Thanks to his magic sword Excalibur and the unity of his people, Arthur managed to defeat this lawless man. Yggdrasil invites you to experience this epic story in the free slot game Towering Pays Excalibur.

On the 5 reels of this production, you will see King Arthur, his magic sword Excalibur and his friend Merlin. There is also the wolf, a horse and other symbols. To have fun on this title, you have to bet between 0,25 and 25 €. Built-in features will help you win a jackpot of 1,000 times your initial bet.



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