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Totem Thunder Review – Quickspin New Slot Game Review

Totem Thunder to be released in October

In an effort to bring a new gaming experience to players this October, Quickspin has mobilized the necessary resources to design the Totem Thunder slot. This title that focuses on totem animals will be playable at all online casinos that enjoy the services of this developer by October 2022.

In October, top Dama NV online casinos powered by Quickspin will offer a new entertainment option to players. According to our sources, this developer is working behind the scenes to bring a plethora of productions to the online gambling market in October. These titles will come with innovative features, beautiful graphics and an attractive interface. We have also learned that the themes of these entertainment options will surprise thousands of players. Whether you are a regular Quickspin game player or not, you will undoubtedly have a memorable time playing these titles. Indeed, the first slot to be announced for October is called Totem Thunder. During our research, we discovered that this free game features totem animals and gems. Read on to learn more about the new Totem Thunder slot.

Totem Thunder: Play And Win Up To 8,623x The Bet

Totem animals are a very important part of many cultures. Their history dates back over a hundred years. In addition, the origin of totem animals can be traced back to the beliefs of the Native American and African peoples. During prehistoric times, tribes painted animals on the walls of caves that had particular meanings. These representations were a reflection of the relationships that existed between humans and animals. In the Amerindian and African culture, totemic animals are not to be consumed or traded. For Native American tribes, totem animals are protectors and guides. For the sake of sightseeing or entertainment, many artists paint animals on pictures. In the same idea, software providers design slot machines that focus on these sacred animals. The no-download slot you can place bets on and go on a journey of discovery of totem animals is Totem Thunder.

Published by Quickspin, the Totem Thunder online casino game has 5 reels and 3 rows that are arranged between two totem poles. Moreover, it will come with 25 paylines. As soon as you load this title, you will find yourself in the northern part of America that was once inhabited by prehistoric men. The totem animals that you will find in this region are coyotes, ravens, bears and many others. Apart from these creatures, you will also see precious stones like emerald, ruby, diamond, etc. To discover these totem animals of North America and get a piece of the wealth that is found in this land on the Totem Thunder slot, you can bet between 0.25 and 100€. The jackpot you can win at the end of your sessions if you manage to get your hands on the treasures hidden in the caves of North America is 8,623x the initial bet. Finally, the graphics of the Totem Thunder slot are well done and a soundtrack will keep you company throughout your sessions.



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