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Totem Guardians Dream Drop – (RELAX GAMING) SLOT REVIEW

Totem Guardians Dream Drop: Slot Overview

Imagine having a spirit animal, a guardian to guide and advise you through life’s challenges and delights, imparting wisdom and unveiling secrets until it’s time to transition into another form. Perhaps such a reality exists, obscured by the frenetic pace of modern living, excessive TV watching, or the vortex of social media, clouding our spiritual perception. While the truth of this notion remains a mystery, we can still embrace a semblance of spiritual connection through the reels of Relax Gaming’s Totem Guardians Dream Drop, a slot game that also offers a non-jackpot version for players.

Totem Guardians Dream Drop transports players from the hustle of urban life to the tranquility of nature, fostering a connection that’s both physical and spiritual. Set against a backdrop featuring a teepee amidst a forest near towering mountains, and a totem that reveals multiplying values on the opposite side of the reels, this game merges the everyday with the mystical. It offers players a chance to explore beyond the tangible, into realms untouched by our standard senses, all while vying for substantial cash prizes.

In Totem Guardians Dream Drop, players can place bets ranging from 20 cents to €/$100, diving into a game known for its high volatility. The slot offers an RTP of 94% for its jackpot version and a slightly higher rate of 96.1% for those playing the non-jackpot variant. Both versions are played on a dynamic 6-reel grid, which can have between 4 to 7 active rows of symbols. Initially, the bottom three rows are locked, unlocking as the game progresses.

The game employs a connected payways system, accommodating between 466 to 1,193 ways to win, influenced by the number of rows in play. Wins are generated through the connected ways system, where matching symbols must land starting from the leftmost reel and proceed across adjacent reels. These symbols can be directly connected horizontally or positioned one row above or below the matching symbol on the preceding reel.

For the game’s symbols, diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades represent the lower-paying icons, delivering wins from 0.25 to 0.4 times the bet for securing a six-of-a-kind (6 OAK) combination. The higher-value symbols comprise four totem-styled animals, offering payouts ranging from 0.8 to 3 times the bet for a 6 OAK match. Wild symbols enhance the potential for winning combinations by substituting for any standard pay symbol, appearing on all reels except the first. However, it’s important to note that wilds do not affect Totem Multipliers, which are a separate feature designed to boost winnings further.

Totem Guardians Dream Drop: Slot Features

While the Dream Drop jackpots stand as the centerpiece of the excitement, the game is also enriched by the inclusion of rising Totem Multipliers, a cascading feature, and a round of free spins, each adding layers of engagement.

Totem Multiplier: Adjacent to the grid, a totem pole displays multiplier values for each symbol. When a win occurs, the winning symbols and any identical symbols in view are cleared from the reels, and their associated multiplier on the totem pole increases by +1 for each symbol removed. These multipliers, which can soar up to x100, enhance wins for subsequent matches of the same symbol type. Additionally, each bonus scatter symbol appearing on the reels boosts the multiplier growth rate for all symbol types, as indicated on the Totem Multiplier meter. Scatters also unlock one row per symbol landed, with the possibility of symbol multipliers randomly increasing at the beginning of a spin.

Free Spins: Landing 3 scatter symbols triggers a bonus of 5 free spins, carrying over all Totem Multiplier values from the base game into the free spins, which do not reset after each spin. The free spins round opens up all rows for even more winning possibilities, and players receive an extra free spin for each additional scatter symbol that appears. In the non-jackpot version of Totem Guardians, there’s an option to directly purchase free spins at 60 times the bet, which adjusts the RTP to 96.87%.

Dream Drop Jackpot: The Dream Drop Jackpot can activate randomly at the start of any base game spin, leading players to a jackpot game where filling a column with Dream Drop (DD) symbols awards one of five progressive jackpots: Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major, or Mega. These jackpots offer starting values ranging from €1 to an impressive €500,000, promising significant winning potential beyond the game’s regular features.

Totem Guardians Dream Drop: Slot Verdict

Exploring Totem Guardians Dream Drop by Relax Gaming evokes elements reminiscent of the studio’s previous titles like Volatile Vikings/Volatile Vikings 2, Wild Hike, and Banana Town, though it stands as its own unique creation. The aesthetic appeal of Volatile Vikings and the atmosphere akin to Wild Hike, along with the engaging multiplier mechanics similar to those in Banana Town, are all present to a degree. Yet, Totem Guardians Dream Drop diverges significantly, especially with its shift from Banana Town’s scatter pays system to a connected ways pay system, emphasizing the accumulation of winning symbols to enhance multipliers for a cascading effect of wins.

This strategy of collecting winning symbols to boost respective multipliers, aiming for a sequence of victories, is a strategic element that, while not overly frequent, offers the potential for high multipliers surpassing those in Banana Town. However, the overall winning potential in Totem Guardians Dream Drop caps at 5,000x the bet, lower than Banana Town’s 10,000x maximum. In the Dream Drop version, the focus shifts towards the Mega Jackpot’s substantial growth cap of €3 million, presenting a transformative win possibility that might overshadow the lower base game potential for jackpot hunters.

For the majority of players not securing the Mega Jackpot, Totem Guardians Dream Drop still promises engaging gameplay. The link between multiplier values and winning combinations adds an element of excitement, while the game’s theme of escaping the urban grind offers a serene backdrop to the thrilling jackpot chase. Although not pegged as one of Relax Gaming’s blockbuster releases, Totem Guardians Dream Drop innovatively expands on the symbol multiplier mechanic through connected ways, and the thematic representation of totems, spirits, and guardians is executed with a notable charm.


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