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Tippy’s Golden Pot: Slot Overview

Hey gamers, if you’re familiar with the name Tippy, it’s likely because you’ve encountered Tippy Tavern by the software developer Snowborn, a game that closely resembled Pile ‘Em Up. It seems the jovial leprechaun wasn’t quite satisfied being part of a clone and has made a comeback in a notably more unique venture. Enter Tippy’s Golden Pot, featuring a standout hold ‘n win bonus round enriched with a variety of special symbols and the opportunity to win expanding jackpots.

While Tippy’s Golden Pot offers a gameplay experience that diverges from its predecessor, the aesthetic presentation sticks closely to the leprechaun theme playbook. Picture the quintessential Irish countryside complete with undulating hills, plush trees, babbling brooks, fluffy clouds, and vast blue skies. It’s charming and well-executed, yet it treads a familiar path without venturing into new visual territories. The lively background music complements the theme, ensuring that Tippy’s Golden Pot delivers on the expected leprechaun slot experience. However, it stops short of pushing creative boundaries with its theme execution.

Throughout the base game of Tippy’s Golden Pot, the affable leprechaun, Tippy, is ever-present, cheerfully giving players a thumbs-up from beside the screen, standing over a pot of gold adjacent to a 5-reel, 4-row gaming grid. This setup features 1,024 ways to win, with wins awarded when matching symbols land on adjacent reels, starting from the left. The game is marked by its high volatility, a default Return to Player (RTP) of 96%, and a hit rate of 31.03%. Players are invited to join the festivities with stakes ranging from 10 cents to $/€25 per spin, and for those looking to enhance their experience, three bonus buy options are available.

The game employs elegantly designed J to A card royals as its lower-value symbols, which yield 0.6 to 1.2 times the stake for hitting five of a kind (5 OAK). On the higher end of the paytable, symbols such as butterflies, four-leaf clovers, acorns, and mushrooms offer more substantial rewards, with payouts of 2 to 3 times the stake for securing a five of a kind match. Wild symbols are also in play, stepping in for any regular pay symbol to aid players in forming those crucial winning combinations.

Tippy’s Golden Pot: Slot Features

In Tippy’s Golden Pot, players have two primary goals: to activate the hold ‘n win bonus round or to win substantial amounts from the Tippy Pots jackpots.

Tippy Pots Jackpot Feature: Within the base game lies the Tippy Pots jackpot feature, where each wild symbol landed increases one of the Tippy Pots prizes by 0.5 times the bet. The color of the wild (purple, green, or red) dictates whether the Minor, Major, or Mega jackpot is increased. The Minor jackpot starts at 10 times the bet and can go up to 100 times, the Major from 50 times up to 500 times, and the Mega from 1,000 times to a whopping 10,000 times the bet. Landing any wild offers a chance to trigger the Tippy Pots feature, leading to a wheel of fortune that awards one of the three jackpots. Once a jackpot is won, it resets to its initial value.

Tippy Spin Feature: In the base game, each wild landed increases the likelihood of triggering a Tippy Spin, where random symbols are transformed into wilds, enhancing winning potential.

Bonus Round Activation: The bonus round kicks off when 3 or more scatter symbols are hit:

  • 3 scatters initiate the bonus with 3 spins, no Stars, and 3 Coin symbols.
  • 4 scatters start it with 4 spins, 3 Stars, and 4 Coin symbols.
  • 5 scatters launch it with 4 spins, 6 Stars, 4 Coin symbols, and a Chest symbol acting as a Persistent Collector.

During this round, Coins, Stars, and special symbols that appear can reset the number of spins. Collecting 3 Stars grants an extra spin, and 6 Stars bring in the Persistent Collector Chest. Special symbols in this round include the Diamond (Expander), Jug (Payer), Barrel (Persistent Payer), Pouch (Collector), Chest (Persistent Collector), and Tippy (Persistent Multiplier), each offering unique benefits to amplify winnings.

Tippy Gold Feature: Exclusive to the bonus round, the Tippy Gold feature is activated when certain symbols reach a predetermined value, transforming them into Tippy Gold symbols with significantly enhanced values.

Hot Spots: Within the bonus round, Hot Spots and Rainbow Hot Spots can appear, increasing the probability of landing special symbols or Stars on those reels, with Rainbow Hot Spots ensuring the appearance of a special symbol or Star.

Buy Feature: Players have the option to directly purchase entry into the bonus round for 40x, 80x, or 250x the bet, depending on the desired scatter trigger level, offering a shortcut to the game’s most exciting features.

Tippy’s Golden Pot: Slot Verdict

For gamblers in search of a cheerful leprechaun-themed slot filled with engaging features, Tippy’s Golden Pot stands out as a compelling choice. It delivers visually and audibly, fully embracing its theme with Tippy himself offering encouragement through thumbs-up gestures beside the wooden reels. Players will hope his generosity extends beyond goodwill, offering numerous opportunities to win some of the gold from his pot.

A highlight of the game is the hold ‘n win bonus round, especially thrilling if activated with 5 scatters, awarding 4 spins and a crucial Persistent Collector symbol. The bonus round is further enriched by an array of special symbols that, while not groundbreaking in innovation—encompassing payers, collectors, their persistent variants, and multipliers—play a vital role in enhancing gameplay when the action heats up. The game’s maximum win potential peaks at 10,000x the stake, mirroring the maximum payout of the Mega jackpot. The bonus round holds particular promise, especially with the inclusion of Chests that can escalate to 2,500x the stake and transform into Tippy Gold symbols, underscoring the game’s lucrative prospects.

The enduring appeal of leprechaun and Irish-themed slots among developers and players alike can be attributed to their inherently joyful nature. Tippy’s Golden Pot encapsulates this joy, providing a fun-filled experience that captures the essence of the Emerald Isle. Despite its reliance on familiar visuals and mechanics, it remains a solid and entertaining option for those seeking a blend of traditional charm and the chance for substantial wins.


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