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Tiki Runner 2 Doublemax – New Slot From Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil release of the online casino game Tiki Runner 2 Doublemax

Tiki Runner 2 Doublemax is one of the latest online casino games from Yggdrasil Gaming. Through this production, this developer takes you to discover the flagship deity of Maori mythology.

For almost 9 years, Yggdrasil Gaming has never ceased to surprise French gamblers with the exceptional quality of the games it launches. Its slots explore all universes to make all categories of players travel. Tiki Runner 2 Doublemax is one of its latest productions that will take you straight to Polynesia to discover the Tiki deity. In fact, this no-download slot is a sequel to the Tiki Runner title launched 2 years ago. It differs from the old version in its features, including the jackpot and the built-in Doublemax mechanism. If you are curious to know more, read this article.

Use the Power of Tiki to Win a €250,000 Jackpot

Tiki Runner 2 Doublemax is a slot through which Yggdrasil Gaming offers you the opportunity to discover a part of the Polynesian culture. Indeed, it presents you the Tiki, Polynesian deity par excellence. It is a sculpture made of wood or stone, endowed with an important spiritual force. Mini man, mini god, the Tiki symbolizes a mythical character who gave birth to human beings. To this day, Polynesians venerate and fear him.

According to Maori mythology, the Tiki is a source of protection, blessing, wealth and prosperity. In its new production Tiki Runner 2 Doublemax, Yggdrasil Gaming invites you to use the powers of this deity to win a super jackpot of 5,000× the initial stake. Like the original Tiki Runner, this title is designed with 5 reels and 3 rows. This time, Yggdrasil Gaming has opted for 50 paylines and has also added the Doublemax mechanism to its new production.

To play Tiki Runner 2 Doublemax, you need to bet between 0.20 and 50 €. This game has a medium volatility that will allow you to expect higher or lower winnings during your sessions at Dama NV online betting sites. In addition, features such as wildcards, free spins and multipliers will be triggered to help you win big on online casino games. The official release date is February 7, 2022.



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