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Tiger Jungle: Hold And Win – New Game From Booongo

Tiger Jungle: Hold and Win online casino is game launched

Whether you like tigers or not, Booongo’s Tiger Jungle: Hold and Win slot game will introduce you to them. Along with other animals, they’ll provide hours of entertainment and lead you to the treasures they protect. Read on to the end to learn all about this new game from Booongo.

Hold and Win slots are very popular in casino player world and Booongo doesn’t miss any opportunity to create them. Now, Tiger Jungle: Hold and Win joins the games of the same category already designed by the publisher. These include Tiger Stone: Hold and Win, Wolf Saga Hold and Win, Wolf Night Hold and Win etc. After testing the new entertainment option of this publisher, we can tell you that the bonus features are similar to the other productions of the series.

In Tiger Jungle: Hold and Win you will visit Kanha National Park, meet the majestic Bengal tigers and other animals. At the end of your adventure, you can pocket a jackpot of 5,000 times your initial bet if Lady Luck helps you out.

Enter The Local Kanha Jungle And Walk Away With Big Jackpots

To cut a long story short, the Kanha Jungle also known as the Kanha Tiger Reserve, is the largest park in Madhya Pradesh. This place welcomes every year, a multitude of admirers thanks to its lush forests, the large number of tigers, Indian leopards, sloth bears, sloth dogs, foxes, gaur and many others that live there. As soon as the new Tiger Jungle: Hold and Win slot from Booongo loads, these are the animals that will greet you.

Inside the local jungle of Kanha, there is a golden temple filled with treasures. It is protected by guards and guards, but also by Bengal tigers. The latter are so dangerous and will be able to devour anyone who comes near the temple. In Booongo’s Tiger Jungle: Hold and Win slot, these wild animals will let you enter the sanctuary to collect all the treasures that are there. The value of these treasures is estimated at €150,000.

For the trip to the local jungle of Kanha on the online casino game Tiger Jungle: Hold and Win, the casino players must make bets between 0.25 and 30€.



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