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The Wild Gang: Slot Overview

Calling all Western enthusiasts! Suit up, saddle up, don your fringed shirt, and take a closer look at Pragmatic Play‘s Wild West-themed creation – The Wild Gang. While the name might not initially strike a chord, the game’s features offer a more promising experience. The slot introduces a gang of four wild symbols, each with identical functions. When combined strategically, these wilds can contribute to significant multipliers, particularly during the two free spins rounds. If the idea of strolling into town, dramatically swinging open saloon doors, and assertively locking eyes with every onlooker appeals to you, The Wild Gang might just be the frontier adventure you’re seeking.

At first glance, The Wild Gang may not stand out, but it successfully establishes a gritty Western atmosphere. The game grid, framed in wood, is situated on the outskirts of a dusty wooden town on the frontier. The skies are painted in hues of red, yellow, and orange, while distant rock formations stand as a testament to the land’s enduring presence, long before the arrival of settlers. The visual style bears a resemblance to Red Dead Redemption 2. Accompanied by a twangy, whistling Western tune, the game sets the stage for an authentic Wild West experience.

The Wild Gang: Slot Features

Staying true to its name, The Wild Gang incorporates four distinct wild symbols, each possessing unique characteristics that come into play during both the base game and the bonus rounds. Although these four wilds exhibit different appearances and are assigned to specific reels, their functionalities remain the same. The wild symbols make appearances on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. In the base game, when wilds land on reels 2 or 3, they serve as substitutes for all pay symbols, functioning as standard wilds. Additionally, these wilds acquire random multipliers of x2, x3, or x4. These multipliers apply to the total wins for the spin, and in cases where two multipliers are present, they multiply each other. If 3 or 4 wilds appear during the base game, they transform into scatters, triggering the free spins feature.

Mystery Symbol

Mystery symbols appear on all reels. When they hit, all instances transform into the same random pay symbol.

Free Spins

Landing 3 wild/scatter symbols in the base game triggers the Wanted Free Spins round, while hitting 4 wild/scatters initiates the Dead Or Alive Free Spins round. In both instances, players receive 8 free spins. However, the Dead Or Alive round is played on a 6×4 game grid, offering 4,096 ways to win. The wilds in both rounds start with an x2 multiplier upon their initial appearance, increase to an x3 multiplier the second time, and carry no multiplier from the third appearance onward. For the Dead Or Alive Free Spins round, the multiplier is x4 on the second appearance.

A meter collects the wild multipliers throughout the rounds, persisting until the free spins feature concludes. The meter begins at x1 and accumulates any multiplier that lands. The total multiplier applies to the win of each spin. In both rounds, if all four wilds appear at least once, +2 extra free spins are awarded. Another +2 free spins are added when all four wilds appear for the second time. The feature cannot be retriggered beyond this point.

Buy Free Spins

Players have the option to instantly trigger free spins by purchasing them directly from the base game. Wanted Free Spins are available for 80 times the bet, while Dead Or Alive Free Spins can be acquired for 200 times the bet.

The Wild Gang: Slot Verdict

The Wild Gang initially didn’t make a strong impression, with its name sounding somewhat uninspired and its visual appeal not standing out compared to other Western-themed slots by Pragmatic Play. However, as the gameplay unfolded, the slot revealed its strengths. Despite seemingly limited rules on paper, such as wild multipliers only landing twice in bonus rounds, the practical impact was impressive. The unique feature of wild multipliers multiplying the win multiplier added an exciting dimension, allowing for substantial win potential, especially when combined with thousands of ways to win. Despite starting off unassuming, The Wild Gang turned out to be an entertaining slot, showcasing Pragmatic Play’s ability to surprise and engage players.

The Wild Gang Real Money Gameplay


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