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The Runemakers DoubleMax – (BANG BANG GAMES) SLOT REVIEW

The Runemakers DoubleMax: Slot Overview

Whenever a new DoubleMax slot is announced, one naturally wonders if it will closely follow the Raptor DoubleMax formula, offering a similar experience, presenting mild variations, or, excitingly, introducing something more innovative. This curiosity extends especially to slots developed by Yggdrasil Gaming’s partners, like Bang Bang Games, known for experimenting with features in their previous DoubleMax slot, Pharaoh’s Gaze. The latest game, The Runemakers DoubleMax, ventures into new territory as Bang Bang Games introduces the first cluster paying grid slot infused with the dynamic multiplying feature of DoubleMax.

While The Runemakers DoubleMax showcases considerable creativity in its mechanics, its narrative aspect leaves something to be desired. Although slots are not expected to deliver complex storylines akin to MMORPGs, the game’s premise—inviting players to explore a mysterious realm governed by the enigmatic RUNEMAKERS, set against a dark forest—feels somewhat underdeveloped. However, the game compensates with its visual and auditory appeal. It features a 6×6 gaming grid, elegantly framed by creeping ivy and designed with transparency to offer players an immersive view into the game’s fantasy world, adorned with cold blues and pastel purples. This engaging setup effectively captures interest in exploring how the cluster pays mechanism synergizes with the DoubleMax feature.

Before embarking on their journey in The Runemakers DoubleMax, players have the option to set their bets ranging from 20 cents to $/€50 per spin. They can also opt to enhance their gameplay by activating the Bonus Boost, which increases the stake by 50% but significantly improves the odds of triggering free spins. According to the game’s information, the Return to Player (RTP) rate remains steady at 96% regardless of how the game is played, although versions with a lower RTP are available. The game is noted for its “super high” volatility, indicating that wins might be less frequent but potentially more significant when they occur.

To form a winning cluster, a minimum of 5 matching symbols must connect either horizontally or vertically on the grid. The game’s paytable features eight symbols divided into two categories: lower-value symbols represented by four runes inscribed on differently colored stones, and higher-value symbols depicted as runes carved into gems. A cluster of 5 matching symbols rewards players with payouts ranging from 0.2 to 1.5 times their bet, while clusters of 14 or more symbols can yield between 5 to 10 times the bet. Given the relatively modest payouts for cluster pays, the DoubleMax feature becomes crucial, enhancing the value of winnings. Additionally, wild symbols play a pivotal role by substituting for all regular paying symbols, further boosting the potential for rewarding combinations.

The Runemakers DoubleMax: Slot Features

Before setting off on their adventure in The Runemakers DoubleMax, players have the flexibility to set their bets ranging from 20 cents to $/€50 per spin. They also have the option to activate the Bonus Boost for an increased chance at triggering free spins by raising their stake by 50%, or they can directly purchase the free spins round. The game maintains a constant Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96%, regardless of the mode of play, with lower versions also available. The volatility is described as ‘super high’, indicating a higher level of risk and potential reward.

To form a winning cluster, players need a minimum of five matching symbols connected horizontally or vertically. The paytable features eight symbols, starting with four runes on differently colored stones representing lower values and four runes on gems for higher values. Payouts for a cluster of five matching symbols range from 0.2 to 1.5 times the bet, with the most valuable clusters of 14 or more symbols awarding 5 to 10 times the bet. Given the modest payouts for cluster wins, the DoubleMax feature plays a crucial role in enhancing the winnings. Wild symbols also contribute by substituting for all regular paying symbols, further aiding in creating winning combinations.

Cascading wins, referred to in this game as Dropdowns, are a cornerstone of the DoubleMax mechanic, amplifying the win multiplier with each successive win. This game also introduces features such as Mystic Mysteries and free spins, alongside options like a free spins gamble and a bonus buy feature.

Dropdown Feature: Winning symbols are removed, allowing new symbols to fill the empty spaces, offering additional winning opportunities. With each Dropdown win, 1 to 5 wild symbols are added to the grid, with the sequence continuing until no more wins are formed.

DoubleMax: Each Dropdown win doubles the overall win multiplier. In the base game, this multiplier resets after a non-winning spin or Dropdown, but during free spins, it starts at x1 and does not reset until the end of the bonus round.

Mystic Mysteries: This feature introduces Mystic symbols that can transform into Mystery symbols after a win, revealing the same symbol across all instances, excluding scatters and wilds.

Runemaker’s Free Spins: Landing three or more scatter symbols triggers 7 free spins, with an option to gamble for additional spins up to a maximum of 11. A failed gamble results in returning to the base game without the free spins.

Buy Bonus: Players can directly purchase 7 free spins for 125x their bet and have the option to gamble for more spins subsequently.

The Runemakers DoubleMax: Slot Verdict

The introduction of The Runemakers DoubleMax delivers a surprising twist to the familiar DoubleMax series. Traditionally, DoubleMax games have been characterized by their 5×3 grids with either fixed paylines or up to 243 ways to win. This time, however, the mechanic ventures into new ground by adopting a larger play area that utilizes cluster pays instead of traditional lines or ways, offering a refreshing change to the series.

While The Runemakers DoubleMax retains the core mechanics seen in other DoubleMax slots, such as triggering cascades, adding wilds, and doubling multipliers, it innovates by integrating mystery symbols alongside the cluster pays system. Despite these new elements, the game’s essence remains true to the DoubleMax formula, relying on successive cascading wins to exponentially increase multipliers to levels seldom seen in other games. The incorporation of cluster pays, which naturally benefits from cascading wins for bigger payouts, complements the doubling multiplier feature, creating a synergistic effect that enhances gameplay.

This novel approach makes The Runemakers DoubleMax an enticing option for fans of both cluster pay mechanics and the DoubleMax series. Although starting the momentum might sometimes pose a challenge, once the game gains traction, the combination of Dropdowns and the DoubleMax multiplier can result in an exhilarating experience. With a maximum win potential of 15,000 times the bet, The Runemakers DoubleMax not only adds excitement to the DoubleMax collection but also pioneers new ground, broadening the appeal of the series to a wider audience.


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