The Ghost Father – (PETER & SONS) SLOT REVIEW

Ghost Father: Slot Overview

Step into the intriguing world of a cobweb-laden mansion where restless spirits roam among aged family portraits and whisper tales of hidden treasures, all while a character named Igor Vasilievich embarks on a quest to uncover riches from the spectral realm. This adventure, though it might sound a tad eerie, is brought to life by Peter & Sons in such a way that any fears are quickly allayed by their signature charm.

In “Ghost Father,” you’re introduced to a prime example of the distinctive and endearing art style that has become synonymous with the Armenian game studio. The game thrives on cartoonish visuals, filled with peculiar yet lovable characters and lively animations, ensuring a spooky—yet not too spooky—ambiance. It’s this blend of slightly creepy and undeniably fun elements that sets the scene. Set within an ancient, candle-lit mansion, players find themselves amidst a hopeful invasion of spectral entities, as these ghosts aren’t just any apparitions; they’re the symbols of prosperity, eagerly awaited by Igor to be captured and transformed into tangible rewards.

In “Ghost Father,” players are greeted with a 5-reel, 3-row grid adorned in candle wax, featuring 20 paylines for potential wins. Bets range from 10 cents to $/€50 per round, with the added options of activating the Golden Bet or purchasing free spins for those seeking to enhance their gameplay. This slot is noted for its high volatility, with a default Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.3%, although versions with lower RTPs are also available.

The game includes eight regular paying symbols: four are the lower-valued J-A royals, and the remaining four are character symbols that manage to be both spooky and charming. A line of five matching royals yields a reward of 10 to 15 times the stake, whereas five matching higher-value symbols can pay out between 30 to 100 times the stake. Additionally, cash symbols offer payouts as line wins, with the potential to win up to 20 times the bet for five on a payline. These cash symbols also unlock their prize values when accompanied by a wild symbol during the free spins round, which is the only time wilds appear, unless the Golden Bet feature is active.

Ghost Father: Slot Features

“Ghost Father” centers around the engaging concept of collecting money symbols, enhanced with various boosters for dynamic gameplay. The inclusion of Wild symbols plays a crucial role, as they have the ability to collect cash symbols either during the free spins round or within the base game when the Golden Bet is active.

Free Spins Feature The game escalates when 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols land in the base game, unlocking 7, 9, or 12 free spins, respectively. Within this mode, Wilds can spontaneously substitute any symbol except scatters or cash symbols. The appearance of a Wild triggers the collection of all visible cash symbol values, consolidating a win. These cash symbols range in value from 1x to 1,000x the stake and may accompany a booster overlay symbol, which contributes to specific collection meters:

  • Free Spins: Gathering 3 spade symbols rewards 3 additional free spins.
  • Multiplier: Accumulating 3 heart symbols boosts the multiplier applied to Wilds.
  • Ghost Rain: Collecting 3 diamond symbols triggers the addition of 3 to 7 extra cash symbols to the reels, excluding boosters.

Wild multipliers enhance both payline wins and cash symbol wins that pass through them. If 6 or more Wilds populate the reels without forming payline wins, the Amplifier feature might introduce 3-7 additional cash symbols, with or without boosters, into the gameplay.

Golden Bet Option By opting for the Golden Bet, players can increase their stake by 50%, enhancing the likelihood of Wilds appearing in the base game. This adjustment facilitates the activation of cash symbol collections via Wilds.

Free Spins Purchase Option For those eager to dive directly into the action, the game offers an option to buy access to the free spins round for 120x the current bet. This purchase randomly awards between 7 to 12 free spins, instantly elevating the game’s excitement level.

Ghost Father: Slot Verdict

“Ghost Father” immediately sets a unique and amusing tone as it loads, presenting a vial of unicorn blood against a backdrop of spooky, cinematic music reminiscent of a horror/mystery film, complete with visuals of dripping candles. This intriguing introduction is quickly balanced by the appearance of a charming little blue ghostly cash symbol character, effectively lightening the atmosphere before diving into the game proper. True to Peter & Sons’ form, “Ghost Father” exudes a cute, quirky vibe, brimming with a distinctly eccentric personality. This approach is especially valuable in a slot game that revolves around a well-trodden mechanic like cash symbol collection, a feature prevalent in many games of this genre.

Peter & Sons have infused “Ghost Father” with thoughtful gameplay innovations, adding a layer of uniqueness to its execution. This is noteworthy in a market where even some of the most prominent slots, such as “Fishin’ Frenzy,” lack wild symbols in their base game. Thus, the option to pay extra for wilds in the main game of “Ghost Father” emerges as a clever addition. The incorporation of overlay symbol collections serves as an effective gameplay enhancer, potentially turning an ordinary session into an extraordinary one. With potential wins reaching up to 10,000x the stake, the inclusion of multiplier-boosted ghost cash symbols could significantly aid Igor in his quest for riches.

Such a distinctive narrative is a rarity, making “Ghost Father” stand out in the crowded field of cash collector slots. Its unique charm and inventive features offer a breath of fresh air, setting it apart from similar games like Blueprint Gaming’s “Tivoli,” yet maintaining enough originality to invigorate the sometimes monotonous landscape of cash collect slots.


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