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The Big Dawgs: Slot Overview

“The Big Dawgs,” a hip hop-themed slot from Pragmatic Play, brings dogs back into the spotlight, infusing the gameplay with a lively canine twist. Immediately, players might notice similarities between this game and Relax Gaming’s “Top Dawg$,” particularly in its hip hop-inspired theme featuring dogs. However, “The Big Dawgs” doesn’t just stop at emulating its predecessor; it also evokes elements from various other games, both in aesthetics and gameplay, resulting in a familiar yet diverse gaming experience.

Visually, “The Big Dawgs” is set against an urban backdrop, complete with graffiti-covered walls, sporting bandanas, snapback caps, and headphones – all contributing to its streetwise, hip-hop aesthetic. The soundtrack, filled with hip-hop beats and record scratches, complements the theme perfectly, resonating with the game’s sassy canine characters. This approach has been executed effectively in games like “Top Dawg$,” and “The Big Dawgs” manages to replicate this success.

The association between dogs and hip hop in gaming might be partly attributed to cultural influences like Snoop Dogg. However, the fusion of dogs and gambling has historical roots, dating back to iconic artworks like Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker” from 1894. “The Big Dawgs” is a continuation of this longstanding tradition, and it’s likely that the theme of dogs combined with hip hop will continue to be a popular choice for slot games in the future.

“The Big Dawgs” from Pragmatic Play presents a unique gaming format on a 5×5 board, eschewing traditional paylines or ways. Instead, wins are created when three or more matching symbols form vertical or horizontal lines, starting from any position on the grid. This mechanic is reminiscent of popular games like “Moon Princess.” Accompanying its distinct gameplay is a highly volatile math model, offering a default Return to Player (RTP) of 95.97%. Players can engage in this dynamic game with bets ranging from 20 c to $/€240 per round.

The game’s symbols contribute to its quirky and engaging theme. For the lower-value symbols, players will find a variety of eccentric items, including a paw-shaped keychain, scissors, a bat and ball, knuckle dusters, and a grenade sitting in a dog bowl. These symbols offer payouts ranging from 2.5 to 5 times the bet for a line of five.

High-value symbols are represented by five distinct dog characters, each bringing a different flavor to the game. Landing a five-of-a-kind (5 OAK) combination of these characters can award players with 10 to 25 times their bet.

Additionally, “The Big Dawgs” features two types of wild symbols, each 1×1 in size and appearing on all reels. The regular wild acts as a substitute for any pay symbol, while the multi wilds not only substitute but also double any winning combination they’re part of with a x2 multiplier. Both wild types can significantly boost winnings, with a 5 wild line paying out 25 times the bet.

This combination of an unconventional game structure, a variety of symbol types, and the inclusion of special wild symbols makes “The Big Dawgs” a distinctive and potentially rewarding slot game experience.

The Big Dawgs: Slot Features

“The Big Dawgs” slot game enhances its gameplay with several engaging features, including tumbles, colossal wilds, screen-clear multipliers, and distinct free spin rounds, all contributing to a dynamic playing experience.


  • Winning symbols are removed from the reels, allowing existing symbols to tumble down to the lowest positions.
  • New symbols don’t enter the screen during tumbles.
  • A winning combination involving any dog symbol leaves behind a multi wild, while low-paying symbol wins leave a regular wild.
  • Tumbles continue until no more wins are possible or the screen is cleared.

Big Dawg Colossal Wild & Screen Clear Multiplier:

  • Randomly on any spin, a Big Dawg Wild (sized 2×2 or 3×3) may appear.
  • If only wilds or multi wilds remain at the end of a spin and subsequent tumbles without forming a win, a random multiplier (x2, x3, or x5) is applied to the total win.

Free Spins Trigger:

  • The word “DAWG” is hidden beneath the symbols, both horizontally and vertically. Revealing one triggers Dirty Dawg free spins, while revealing both triggers Double Dawg free spins.

Dirty Dawg Free Spins:

  • Starts with 5 free spins.
  • A cumulative multiplier applies to all wins, increasing by +1 for each winning tumble, resetting to x1 at the end of each free spin.
  • Revealing “DAWG” words awards additional free spins. If both words are revealed, Double Dawg free spins activate after the current round.

Double Dawg Free Spins:

  • Awards 10 free spins.
  • Similar to Dirty Dawg free spins, but the win multiplier does not reset after each spin.

Buy Free Spins:

  • Players can purchase a spin that triggers Dirty Dawg free spins for 80x the bet (RTP 96%) or Double Dawg free spins for 250x the bet (RTP 95.95%).

These features in “The Big Dawgs” create an immersive and potentially rewarding gaming experience, with the tumbling reels mechanic and various free spin rounds adding depth and excitement to each spin.

The Big Dawgs: Slot Verdict

“The Big Dawgs” is a slot game that amalgamates a variety of influences, styles, and elements from across the iGaming world. It draws from the gritty, graffiti-inspired aesthetics of Hacksaw Gaming, the hip-hop vibes of Relax Gaming’s “Top Dawg$,” the dynamic gameplay of Play’n GO’s “Moon Princess” and “Golden Ticket 2,” and the edgy feel of “East Coast vs West Coast.” This game is a patchwork of iGaming DNA, much like a vibrant civilization that enriches the literature emerging from it. “The Big Dawgs” uses this rich tapestry of existing slots as a springboard, leading players into a lively, hip-hop-infused canine adventure.

In terms of gameplay, “The Big Dawgs” mirrors the exhilarating pace found in “Moon Princess,” with the goal being to clear the grid or reveal the hidden “DAWG” words to transition into the bonus round. A unique aspect of the game is that each win leaves behind a wild symbol, with regular wilds for low-pay wins and multi wilds for high-pay wins. Clearing the screen doesn’t just award a set prize; instead, the multiplier awarded applies to the entire spin win, potentially leading to significant payouts. This feature makes the prospect of buying free spins even more enticing, as the spin that triggers them can be profitable in itself. However, the game’s maximum win potential of 5,000x the bet, while substantial, doesn’t quite measure up to some of its inspirations.

While it’s easy to view “The Big Dawgs” as too derivative of other games, it’s worth considering the appeal of mixed-breed dogs, who often possess unique and endearing qualities despite not being purebred. Similarly, “The Big Dawgs” may not be the most original game and may have borrowed ideas from other studios, but it still offers an enjoyable, engaging experience with its own distinctive charm. Just like a beloved pet, “The Big Dawgs” has its own playful spirit and affectionate appeal, ready to win over players who are willing to embrace its eclectic blend.


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