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Tesla’s Invention – (RELAX GAMING) SLOT REVIEW

Tesla’s Invention: Slot Overview

Invoke the word “Tesla” today, and thoughts typically gravitate towards Elon Musk’s electric vehicles and reusable rockets. Yet, Tesla Inc. is a namesake paying homage to Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, renowned for inventions like alternating current (AC) power. In the realm of online slots, developer Relax Gaming tips its hat to the master of electricity with “Tesla’s Invention.” Here, players embark on a quest to amass power-ups, charging features such as multipliers and symbol upgrades, unlocking them in rounds of free win spins.

A standout feature of Tesla’s Invention is its captivating music. The tunes, whether emanating from speakers or headphones, exude drama, evoking visions of a fervent scientist navigating a workshop. Picture this dedicated individual dramatically manipulating levers and turning dials, attempting to harness the forces of nature. Lightning flashes, and rain pelts against the windows of a top-floor chamber. However, in contrast, the visuals of Tesla’s Invention fall somewhat short. While adequate, there’s an indefinable aspect that feels amiss, casting a shadow over the game’s craftsmanship, as if it wasn’t meticulously forged by Relax Gaming’s master artisans.

Engaging with the coins button provides players the flexibility to select a bet ranging from 20 cents to $/€100 per spin in Tesla’s Invention. Opting for this method of play yields an RTP of 96.41%, but when choosing to buy free spins, the RTP increases slightly to 96.64%. Operating with a highly volatile math model, Tesla’s Invention features a 6-reel, 5-row matrix, offering players 15,625 ways to win.

The lower-paying symbols in elegant cursive script range from J to A card ranks, rewarding 0.4 to 0.5 times the bet for a 6-of-a-kind combination. The four high-paying symbols consist of electric equipment, with a winning combination of 6 high pays delivering a payout of 0.8 to 1.5 times the bet. Additionally, wild symbols, when landing in view, can substitute for any regular pay symbol in the game.

Tesla’s Invention: Slot Features

A primary objective in Tesla’s Invention is the accumulation of power-ups, aimed at augmenting the subsequent round of free win spins, which can also be acquired through purchase. Additionally, players should be vigilant for the occurrence of Oscillator Respins.

Electric Dreams Collection Elements

In the base game of Tesla’s Invention, four elements can receive a boost. Electric boosts manifest on any symbol, powering the four collection elements. These power-ups are stored until the free win spins feature is initiated. Once activated, all accumulated power-ups come into play for the entire duration of the round. The upgrades encompass:

  1. Win Spins: Augments the number of win spins triggered when the feature activates.
  2. Multiplier: Elevates the multiplier applied to each win spin.
  3. Wilds: The more wilds collected, the greater the number of wilds added to the reels during win spins.
  4. Symbol Upgrade: Each collected upgraded symbol substitutes a low-paying symbol for the corresponding high-paying one.

Electric Dreams Win Spins

During the base game, landing scatter symbols on both the leftmost and rightmost reels initiates 6 win spins, in addition to any extra win spins collected. True to its name, each free spin in this round guarantees a win. Accumulated wilds are introduced to the reels before the feature commences, and the stored multiplier is applied to every win spin. Upon the conclusion of the win spins, all collection elements revert to a random state.

For those opting to buy the win spins feature, the cost is set at 88 times the bet, commencing the round with random state values.

Oscillator Respins

Achieving a minimum of 6 coins anywhere on the reels in Tesla’s Invention triggers 3 Oscillator Respins. These coins carry values ranging from 1x to 10x the bet. Simultaneously, Tesla Power Pot symbols may appear, showcasing the Minor, Midi, Major, or Mega prizes, valued at 10x, 25x, 250x, or 10,000x the bet, respectively. Additional symbols denoting +1, +2, +3, +4, or +5 might land, contributing their values to each coin in view. The spin counter resets to 3 with the appearance of these symbols, and the feature concludes when there are no remaining spins or available space on the reels.

Tesla’s Invention: Slot Verdict

It seems like Relax Gaming might have brought in their secondary squad for the creation of Tesla’s Invention. The game lacks the usual sparkling polish and visually captivating elements that are often associated with Relax Gaming. This impression is further emphasized by a pay table marked with spelling errors, giving the sense that Relax Gaming’s usual all-star team took a day off during the inception of Tesla’s Invention. While not every slot can receive the same level of resources as a flagship release like Money Train 5, the lack of attention to detail and lukewarm passion makes Tesla’s Invention stand out, and not necessarily in a positive way, among Relax Gaming’s extensive portfolio.

Tesla’s Invention seems to align more with slots like Los Cuatro Esqueletos or Deep Descent, leaning towards filler content rather than a flagship title. Its notable features include the quad collection system, potentially adding excitement to the free win spins. However, despite the guaranteed win in these spins, substantial wins are not guaranteed, though the game boasts a maximum payout of 10,000x the bet, leaving room for electrifying possibilities. The Oscillator Respins feature feels somewhat superfluous, almost like an unnecessary addition that could have been better incorporated into the win spins to optimize the RTP. Despite these shortcomings, hold ‘n wins are popular mechanics, and Tesla’s Invention might find its audience with players who appreciate this style.

“Eh” seems to be the prevailing sentiment throughout Tesla’s Invention, not as in “why not give the game a try?” but more in the sense of “good enough, let’s release it as is.” While Tesla’s Invention is a functional creation, it falls short of Relax Gaming’s typically high standards.

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