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Sweet Alchemy 100 – (PLAY’N GO) NEW SLOT REVIEW

Sweet Alchemy 100, a creation from the Swedish game provider Play’n GO, brings an unusual combination of candy and witches to the slot game world. Typically, these two themes are not seen together, as candy represents sweetness and joy, while witches are often associated with malevolence and spells. However, in this unique slot, the three witch characters are of the benevolent variety, similar to beloved characters like Minerva McGonagall or Cassie Nightingale. Each witch possesses a distinct modifying ability that can be bestowed upon the game grid. The game may evoke memories of Moon Princess due to its gameplay similarities, as Sweet Alchemy 100 is essentially a reskinned version of Moon Princess 100, with a graphical overlay inspired by Sweet Alchemy, hinting at the possibility of a ‘100’ series of slots.

The central characters in Sweet Alchemy 100 are Candy’s three sisters – Cherry, Berry, and Apple. One of these sisters hovers beside the game grid, ready to activate her unique modifier when the Witch Power feature is triggered. Players familiar with Moon Princess 100 will recognize the user interface and reel layout, set against a backdrop of drifting clouds in a sky, with the coloration reflecting the active witch. While Sweet Alchemy 100 doesn’t fully embrace the anime-inspired style of its predecessor, Moon Princess 100, there are subtle hints of it throughout the game.

In Sweet Alchemy 100, the convergence of candy and witches offers an intriguing and unconventional gaming experience. The benevolent witches and their unique modifiers add depth and excitement to the gameplay, reminiscent of the popular Moon Princess slot. While the game may not be as overtly anime-inspired as its predecessor, it manages to retain the charm and creativity that players have come to expect from Play’n GO. Sweet Alchemy 100 presents a fresh take on the ‘100’ series, providing an engaging blend of candy-themed sweetness and magical witchcraft for players to enjoy.

Sweet Alchemy 100 offers players the flexibility to select their preferred stake for each game round, ranging from 20 p/c to £/€100. The game features a 5×5 grid where twenty-five symbols drop into play, with the objective of landing at least 3 adjacent matching symbols in either horizontal or vertical lines. Wins can originate from any position on the grid, creating numerous opportunities for players. The game’s volatility is rated as 8 out of 10 by Play’n GO, and it provides five different RTP configurations, with a default value of 96.2%.

The game’s symbols are inspired by candies and witches, perfectly blending both themes. Players will encounter various candy symbols, including circular, crescent moon-shaped, diamond, and heart-shaped sweets. Additionally, there are three high-paying symbols represented by the witches: Apple, Berry, and Cherry. Achieving a line of 5 candy symbols results in a win of 2-3 times the bet, while any combination of 5 witches is worth 5 times the bet. A pure 5-witch win is even more rewarding, offering a payout of 10 times the bet. It’s important to note that a single symbol can contribute to multiple wins simultaneously, enhancing the game’s winning potential.

Sweet Alchemy 100: Slot Features

When a winning combination occurs in Sweet Alchemy 100, it triggers a captivating win sequence that shares similarities with Moon Princess and its related games. The first step involves clearing the symbols from the grid when a win is achieved. These cleared symbols do not get replaced by new ones, but instead, a wild symbol is introduced into the central empty space of a 3-symbol win. Moreover, with each new drop, a win multiplier is incremented, which resets at the start of each paid spin. Wild symbols have the ability to substitute for any pay symbol and carry a value of 50 times the initial bet when forming a line of 5 of them. However, it’s important to note that wilds are removed from the grid if they are the sole type of symbol remaining.

If players manage to clear the entire grid (except during the Trinity feature), they are rewarded with a prize equivalent to 50 times the total bet. This prize is further influenced by the active win multiplier, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay and increasing the potential for significant wins. The cascading symbol mechanic, win multipliers, and the introduction of wilds create an engaging and dynamic gaming experience that enhances both the entertainment value and the potential for lucrative payouts in Sweet Alchemy 100.

Sweet Alchemy 100 Witch Power

In Sweet Alchemy 100, the Witch Power modifiers can trigger randomly on spins that do not result in a win during the base game. Each witch possesses a unique power that can significantly impact the outcome of the game:

  • Cherry: When the Cherry witch’s power activates, she has the ability to convert one set of symbols into another symbol. This transformation can potentially lead to new winning combinations and enhance your chances of securing a payout.
  • Berry: The Berry witch’s power involves adding 1 or 2 wild symbols to the grid. Wild symbols are valuable as they can substitute for any pay symbol, increasing the potential for creating winning combinations.
  • Apple: The Apple witch’s power focuses on removing 2 sets of symbols from the grid. By eliminating symbols from the play area, this power can open up space for new symbols to cascade down, potentially forming winning combinations.

The activation of these witch powers occurs randomly, and the game begins with one witch in action. As each witch performs her power, the next one in the order—Cherry, Berry, Apple—takes her place, ensuring a variety of modifiers to keep the gameplay engaging and unpredictable. These witch powers add an exciting element to the game, as they can turn non-winning spins into opportunities for big wins and enhance the overall gaming experience.

Sweet Alchemy 100 Trinity

In Sweet Alchemy 100, there is a special meter on the screen that fills up as you achieve wins with the witch symbols. The meter consists of three segments, and different-sized wins contribute to filling these segments:

  • A 3-symbol win fills 1 segment.
  • A 4-symbol win fills 2 segments.
  • A 5-symbol win fills all 3 segments.

Once you successfully fill the entire meter, an exciting feature called “Trinity” is triggered, and the multiplier is reset. Trinity awards you with 1 free spin during which all three witches—Cherry, Berry, and Apple—perform their respective Witch Powers in sequence. First, Cherry’s power activates, followed by Berry’s, and finally, Apple’s.

Trinity adds an extra layer of excitement to the game, as it provides you with the opportunity to benefit from the unique abilities of all three witches in a single spin. If you manage to clear the game grid during the Trinity feature, it not only results in a rewarding win but also triggers the free spins feature, offering you even more chances to land big wins and enjoy the magical world of Sweet Alchemy 100.

Sweet Alchemy 100 Free Spins

In the thrilling world of Sweet Alchemy 100, free spins offer a chance for players to enhance their winnings with the help of their favorite witch’s power. When the free spins feature is triggered, you get to choose which witch’s power you’d like to activate for the duration of the round:

  • Cherry awards 4 free spins.
  • Berry awards 5 free spins.
  • Apple awards 8 free spins.

Each chosen witch’s power activates on every non-winning spin during the free spins round, adding an extra layer of excitement and potential wins. Moreover, what makes the free spins feature even more enticing is that the win multiplier carries over from the Trinity feature and doesn’t reset, with a maximum value of a staggering x100.

But the magic doesn’t end there. Filling the power meter during the free spins feature will reward you with extra spins:

  • Cherry awards an additional +4 free spins.
  • Berry awards an extra +4 free spins.
  • Apple offers a bonus of +2 free spins.

The cumulative effect of these extra spins can result in an impressive total number of free spins, potentially reaching up to a maximum of 100 free spins. With the power of the witches and the potential for massive multipliers, Sweet Alchemy 100’s free spins feature holds the promise of enchanting wins and a truly magical gaming experience.

Sweet Alchemy 100: Slot Verdict

Sweet Alchemy 100 by Play’n GO may come across as a fascinating experiment in slot game fusion, like Frankenstein’s monster, where different elements from various slots are stitched together to create a new and intriguing creation. It’s reminiscent of Moon Princess 100, which was already a pumped-up version of the popular Moon Princess slot. The result is a thrilling concoction of magic, candy, and witches that can be incredibly appealing to players.

In Sweet Alchemy 100, you’ll find the familiar base game concept of matching adjacent symbols in a 5×5 grid, with each win clearing the symbols, and wilds and multipliers coming into play. However, it takes this concept up a notch with a potential maximum win of 15,000x the bet and a more challenging method to trigger free spins. Now, players must fill the power meter and clear the grid during a Trinity spin to unlock the coveted free spins feature. To assist you, the witches are always ready to lend their magical powers to make it happen.

The free spins feature in Sweet Alchemy 100 is where the game truly shines. It offers players the opportunity to win up to 100 free spins with a remarkable win multiplier that can reach up to x100. These enhanced free spins add an exciting layer of complexity and potential for massive wins. While Play’n GO’s recent releases may have leaned toward recycling familiar concepts, Sweet Alchemy 100 manages to maintain the fun and excitement, making it a worthy addition to the world of online slots. Play’n GO casino slot games can play in almost all top Dama N.V. Casinos.

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