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Sticky Bombs Review – Booming Games

Booming Games launches Sticky Bombs online casino game

Do you know the history of sticky bombs and why they are referred to as the Frederick Lindemann physicist? If not, the beautifully designed online casino game Sticky Bombs by Booming Games will edify you.

When it comes to designing slot games, publishers draw inspiration from everything. It can be cartoons, mythology, holidays, movies, sports, war and many others. Their main objective is to attract or entice the casino player in you to play. Most of the time, these games entertain you to the fullest but also allow you to win a lot of money. Among these is the online casino game Sticky Bombs, masterfully produced by Booming Games. This new title from this company will take you to the laboratory of the English physicist Frederick Lindemann, one of the most famous scientists. In the laboratory, you will discover one of the most used bombs during the Second World War.

Enter Lindemann’s Bomb Making Laboratory

Sticky bombs are very dangerous to handle. They were made by the Englishman Frederick Lindemann. These grenades were then given to the paramilitary formation of Great Britain, which used them during the Second World War to protect their territory against the Germans. In the free slot game Sticky Bombs, you’ll be assisting this ingenious physicist in his laboratory to make them.

The Sticky Bombs online casino game features 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. A bet between 0.20 and 200€ will be enough to trigger the rotation of the reels. Better yet, during your various sessions, many lucrative features will intervene. They will help you win the jackpot of 1,445× the amount of your bet.



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