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Steam Squad: Slot Overview

Navigating through the skies in the base game is a precarious flying machine, featuring a 6×6 gaming grid. Red Tiger has crafted an intricate game world for Steam Squad, setting the scene with a peculiar underwater realm on the home screen. As the game progresses, the camera ascends into the cloud-filled domain for the primary gameplay. Upon triggering free spins, the narrative takes a dive back underwater, leaving room for players to concoct their own steam-powered fantasies and fill in the narrative gaps.

Exploring the steam-powered world of Steam Squad entails engaging with a medium-high volatile math model, offering a default RTP of 95.64%. Passengers aboard the airborne contraption can choose stakes ranging from 10 cents to $/€20. Additionally, a feature buy option is available for those eager to skip directly to the bonus round. To secure a win, players must land 10 or more matching symbols anywhere on the reels, triggering a win and initiating wipeouts along with other features discussed below.

The symbols in Steam Squad encompass 5 gems representing the low pays, each adorned in different colors (purple, blue, green, red, and gold). The high pays feature characters with flying goggles – a doggie, a scientist, a lady, and a male character. A scatter win of 10-11 identical symbols awards 0.4 to 3 times the bet, with increased payouts ranging from 5 to 25 times the bet for 20 or more identical symbols. Notably, wild symbols do not play a role in Steam Squad’s intricate game world.

Steam Squad: Slot Features

Navigating the steam-powered universe of Steam Squad involves encountering a variety of special symbols and features, each contributing to the game’s dynamics:

  1. Winning Wipeouts: Landing 10 or more matching symbols triggers a winning wipeout. Winning symbols are removed from the grid, creating spaces for new symbols to cascade from above. This process continues until no new wins appear.
  2. Amplifiers: Amplifiers enhance the multiplier values on winning wipeouts. Multipliers can increase up to x10, boosting the potential for significant wins.
  3. Power Up: Power Up symbols may appear on the grid, boosting the amplifiers and increasing the multipliers during winning wipeouts.
  4. Booster Row: The booster row adds an extra row to the grid, increasing the chances of forming winning combinations during both the base game and free spins.
  5. Free Spins: Landing three or more scatter symbols triggers the free spins feature, transporting the action to an underwater realm. The booster row remains active during free spins, providing additional opportunities for winning combinations.
  6. Buy Feature: For those seeking direct access to the excitement of free spins, a buy feature is available, allowing players to purchase entry into the bonus round.

By combining these features, Steam Squad aims to deliver an engaging and potentially rewarding experience within its steampunk-inspired world.


During a scatter win in Steam Squad, the game introduces an interesting mechanic to maximize potential rewards:

  1. Retained Symbols: When a scatter win happens, the symbols responsible for the win are retained on the screen.
  2. Removal of Non-Scatter Symbols: All symbols on the reels, except for the retained scatter symbols and additional free spins scatters, are removed.
  3. Symbol Drop: The retained scatter symbols drop to the bottom of the reels, creating empty positions.
  4. Filling Empty Positions: The vacant spaces on the reels are filled with a symbol drop, introducing new symbols into play.
  5. Repeating Process: If the new configuration results in another win, the process repeats. This cycle continues until no new winning symbols land on the reels.

This cascading or tumbling reels feature enhances the potential for consecutive wins from a single spin, adding excitement and momentum to the gameplay. The combination of scatter wins, symbol retention, and the cascading mechanic contributes to the overall dynamic experience offered by Steam Squad.


In Steam Squad, the game incorporates a random multiplier feature to add an extra layer of excitement to each spin:

  1. Random Multipliers: Before each spin, random multipliers ranging from x2 to x100 appear above each reel.
  2. Multiplier Activation: When a reel becomes filled with winning symbols, the corresponding multiplier above that reel is activated.
  3. Multiplier Application: The activated multiplier is applied to the total win accumulated on the respective reel at the end of the spin.
  4. Accumulation of Multipliers: If multiple reels receive multipliers, the values are added together, increasing the overall win potential.

This feature introduces an element of unpredictability and potential for significant wins, especially when multiple reels are enhanced with substantial multipliers. Players can anticipate enhanced payouts based on the activated multipliers during the gameplay.

Power Up

In Steam Squad, an intriguing feature called “Power Up” can occur randomly after non-winning symbols are removed:

  1. Power Up Feature: Randomly, after the removal of non-winning symbols, a winning symbol has the chance to power up.
  2. Symbol Cloning: When the Power Up feature activates, the chosen winning symbol clones itself, expanding to fill the entire reel.

This innovative feature adds an element of surprise and potential for increased winnings by transforming a single symbol into a full stack on its corresponding reel. The Power Up feature enhances the game’s dynamics, offering players exciting opportunities for larger payouts during their gameplay.

Booster Row

In Steam Squad, an additional random feature known as the “Booster Row” can be activated during a spin:

  1. Booster Row Feature:
    • Randomly, a metal frame may appear on one of the rows during a spin.
  2. Activation Conditions:
    • The Booster Row activates if the designated row is subsequently filled with winning symbols.
  3. Booster Effects:
    • After a winning wipeout, the booster triggers.
    • The booster has two potential effects:
      • It may create a winning symbol in place of a non-winning one, extending the wipeout.
      • If a multiplier is active, the booster increases the multiplier by +1, +2, +3, +4, or +5.
  4. Metal Frame Movement:
    • After applying the booster, the metal frame moves to a higher row that is not filled with winning symbols.

The Booster Row feature adds an extra layer of excitement to the game by introducing dynamic elements that can influence the ongoing wipeout, potentially leading to more significant wins and an engaging player experience.

Free Spins

In the free spins round of Steam Squad, various features come into play:

  1. Free Spins Activation:
    • Landing 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters during a base game spin awards 8, 10, 12, or 15 free spins, respectively.
  2. Extra Free Spins:
    • During the free spins feature, landing 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters awards an additional 3, 5, 7, or 10 free spins, respectively.
  3. Booster Row Activation:
    • The Booster Row is always active during free spins.
  4. Multiplier Increment:
    • When a reel is filled with winning symbols during free spins, all multipliers shown above the reels are increased by +1.
    • Multipliers are incremented until the end of the free spins round.

The combination of extra free spins, the persistent Booster Row, and the multiplier increment feature enhances the free spins experience in Steam Squad, potentially leading to more significant wins and prolonged excitement for players.

Buy Feature

Players have the option to buy the free spins feature in Steam Squad for 70 times the bet. When choosing this feature buy option, the return value is increased to 96%. This allows players to skip directly to the free spins round for a predetermined cost, offering a convenient way to access the more thrilling aspects of the game.

Steam Squad: Slot Verdict

With Steam Squad, Red Tiger has ventured into the combination of two popular themes – Steampunk and scatter pays. The game brings these elements together to create an experimental experience. Scatter-paying mechanics, which have gained popularity in recent times, are a central feature, with several additional gameplay elements complementing this mechanism. Red Tiger, known for its innovative approach, incorporates features like winning wipeouts, amplifiers, power-ups, booster rows, and free spins to enhance the scatter pays system.

While the mix is not bad, Steam Squad does have its ups and downs. The gameplay can feel slow and sluggish at times, and the maximum win may seem a bit underwhelming considering the presence of significant reel multipliers. However, the game’s intricate design and the various features revolving around scatter pays make it an interesting choice for players who enjoy the Steampunk theme and scatter-driven mechanics. Steam Squad offers a unique experience, providing a metaphorical journey aboard a rickety airship, and its reliability for delivering an intriguing ride depends on individual preferences.

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