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Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe – (FOXIUM) SLOT REVIEW

Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe: Slot Overview

Games Global’s Foxium studio has once again donned its toga to revisit ancient times in their online slot game, Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe. This game is an enhanced version of their earlier release, Rome Fight For Gold, which itself was a reimagined version of The Great Albini 2, a slot game launched in early 2023. The deluxe edition features a blend of unchanged elements and fresh updates, inviting players to discern the differences.

In terms of visuals, distinguishing between Rome Fight For Gold and its deluxe counterpart can be challenging. Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe retains its prime position within the Colosseum, the iconic arena of the Roman Empire. Here, players are immersed in the intense atmosphere of ancient blood sports. The game effectively captures the overwhelming sensation of entering the Colosseum, filled with a roaring crowd – a feeling that could dwarf even the most nerve-wracking modern-day public speaking experiences. Through its vivid graphics and dynamic soundtrack, Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe successfully replicates a fraction of the real-life tension, making it an engaging and visually impressive gaming experience.

The deluxe edition of Rome Fight For Gold introduces some notable statistical improvements that players can appreciate. The Return to Player (RTP) rate has been slightly increased, now standing at a default of 96.37%. When the Boost feature is activated, this rate adjusts marginally to 96.34%. The betting range varies depending on whether Boost is on or off. Without Boost, the stakes range from 20 cents to $/€12.5 per spin, and with Boost activated, the range increases to 30 cents to $/€18.75 per spin. While the Boost feature doesn’t change the value of the symbols, it enhances the gameplay by adding more Coins to the reels and increasing the likelihood of triggering the Gold, Silver, or Bronze bonus games. The game maintains its medium volatility, similar to its predecessor.

Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe is played on a 5×4 grid and offers 40 paylines. Winning combinations are formed by lining up 3 to 5 matching symbols, with a hit frequency of 27.19% in the default RTP model. The game features clearly named symbols: the low-value symbols are the ten, jack, queen, king, and ace, while the high-value symbols include a shield, a helmet, Helena, and Antonius. Winning combinations of five of a kind (5 OAK) yield rewards ranging from 1.5 to 2 times the bet for the royal symbols, and 3 to 10 times the bet for the picture symbols. The game also includes Golden ‘W’ wilds, which appear on all reels and substitute for all paying symbols. A combination of five wilds in a line rewards players with 25 times their stake.

Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe: Slot Features

Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe retains many of the original features but introduces some key modifications to enhance the gameplay. Here’s a breakdown of the updated features:

Coin Symbols:

  • Coins appear on reels 1-4.
  • A Collect symbol landing on the rightmost reel awards the sum of all visible Coins.
  • Bronze Coins pay 1-5x the bet, Silver Coins 6-15x, and Gold Coins 20-50x.
  • The Collect symbol may randomly display a multiplier from x1 to x5, applied to the total Coin value collected.

Bonus Game:

  • Coins contribute to their respective Bronze, Silver, or Gold pots above the reels.
  • Collecting a Coin might trigger a corresponding Bronze, Silver, or Gold Bonus Game.
  • Each Bonus Game uses only its specific Coin type (Bronze, Silver, Gold).
  • Triggering a Bonus Game starts with 3 spins; landing new symbols resets the spin count. New Coin symbols are held in place.
  • Bonus Games include three special symbols: Antonius, Helena, and a Mystery symbol.
    • Antonius Multiplier: Adds an x1 to x5 multiplier to the Bonus game’s current multiplier. After landing, Antonius Multiplier symbols are removed.
    • Helena Extra Spin: Adds +1 to the reset value of spins. Helena Extra Spin symbols are removed after landing.
    • Mystery Symbols: Can reveal Antonius, Helena, or a Coin symbol.


  • Jackpots are exclusive to the Bonus Games.
  • Landing 10 Coins in any Bonus Game awards the 10x bet Mini Jackpot.
  • 15 Coins in any Bonus Game wins the 50x bet Major Jackpot.
  • The Grand Jackpot, worth 20,000x the bet, is won by landing 20 Coin symbols in any bonus game.
  • Multipliers don’t apply to Jackpot wins.
  • Only the highest Jackpot achieved is awarded.

These enhancements to the features in Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe add complexity and excitement, offering players more ways to win and a deeper gaming experience.

Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe: Slot Verdict

Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe builds on its predecessor by maintaining many of the original game’s features, while also implementing changes that provide a clearer path to achieving the maximum win. Notably, both Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe and the original Rome Fight For Gold offer the same top prize of 20,000x the bet. In the deluxe version, the method for winning this top prize is more transparent: players need to fill the reels with Coin symbols during any of the bonus rounds to hit the jackpot.

This clarity contrasts with the original game, where the feasibility of achieving the 20,000x bet was less obvious. Theoretically, in Rome Fight For Gold, one could reach this top prize by having 50x Coin values on all positions simultaneously with an x20 multiplier in the Bonus game. The likelihood of this happening is uncertain and perhaps known only to Foxium.

Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe also introduces changes in how Bonus rounds are triggered. The game has moved away from Bonus round scatter symbols and now triggers Bonus rounds randomly when Coins are collected in pots during the base game. Although the Gold Bonus is particularly attractive due to the higher value of Gold Coins, the Grand Jackpot remains accessible in all Bonus rounds, including the Bronze Bonus game.

The evolution from the original to Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe suggests a player-focused approach in its design. It feels as though the changes might have been influenced by feedback from players of Rome Fight For Gold, although there’s no specific indication that such consultations took place. The improvements, such as a higher RTP and a more straightforward path to potential large wins, indicate a thoughtful evolution, even if it’s not a monumental shift from the original game.


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