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Roar of the Bear Megaways – (ISOFTBET) SLOT REVIEW

Roar of the Bear Megaways: Slot Overview

iSoftBet introduced the Apex Predator series, infusing its game portfolio with titles featuring formidable creatures. The series debuted with “Tyrant King Megaways,” spotlighting the T-Rex as its centerpiece—a dinosaur renowned for its fearsomeness, albeit humorously noted for its hypothetical shortcomings in arm wrestling. This was followed by the shark-themed “Ocean Hunter.” The latest addition, “Roar of the Bear Megaways,” transports players into a forest setting where the bear reigns supreme as the apex predator, utilizing a dynamic mix of growing, sticking, and roaming wilds in the free spins feature to dominate the reels.

At the introduction, players are met with a lifelike bear roaring imposingly, setting the stage before transitioning to the gameplay screen. Initially, “Roar of the Bear Megaways” might not strike players as particularly menacing. This could be attributed to its soundtrack, which blends Native American and Western elements with a hint of jaw harp, all against a backdrop of ambient nature sounds. These audiovisual components work together to evoke the essence of North American wilderness, featuring mountains, forests, and rivers. While “Roar of the Bear Megaways” may not captivate the senses as intensely as “Tyrant King Megaways,” it holds more intrigue than “Ocean Hunter,” positioning it somewhere in the middle of its predecessors in terms of first impressions.

“Roar of the Bear Megaways” captivates with a unique gaming grid featuring 6 reels, complemented by two 4-symbol tracker reels positioned above and below the main playing area. As characteristic of a Megaways slot, the number of symbols on each of the main reels varies, offering up to 200,704 ways to win when the grid is fully expanded. Betting options range from 20 cents to $/€20, aligning with iSoftBet’s standard wagering spectrum. The game’s high volatility is balanced by a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96%, promising substantial payouts amidst the game’s unpredictable nature.

The slot’s paytable draws inspiration from the wilderness, with low-value symbols represented by the 10-A card ranks and high-value symbols featuring a variety of forest dwellers including a raccoon, an owl, a moose, a cougar, and a wolf. The cascading win mechanic plays a pivotal role, removing winning symbols to allow new ones to drop into place on the main reels, while on the tracker reels, symbols slide in laterally. The bear symbol stands as a wild, offering crucial support by substituting for any regular pay symbol, enhancing players’ chances of securing wins in this forest-themed adventure.

Roar of the Bear Megaways: Slot Features

“Roar of the Bear Megaways” enriches its gameplay with a variety of features designed to enhance player engagement and winning potential. These features include mystery symbols, Max Megaways, Wild Eagle & Wild Salmon modifiers, a bonus round with free spins, a bonus buy option, and the Wild Bet.

Mystery Symbols:

The game introduces glowing moon symbols as mystery symbols that can appear on any spin. When landed, these symbols transform to reveal the same type of symbol across the board, although they cannot unveil scatter or wild symbols.

Max Megaways:

This modifier can activate randomly on any spin, signifying its engagement to players. When triggered, it ensures the reels display the maximum number of Megaways possible, reaching up to 200,704 ways to win.

Wild Eagle & Wild Salmon Modifiers:

Unique to this game, landing an eagle symbol on the top tracker reel activates the Wild Eagle modifier, turning all high-value symbols on the reels below into wilds. Similarly, the Wild Salmon modifier is triggered by landing a salmon symbol on the bottom tracker reel, transforming all low-value symbols above into wilds. These modifiers are expansive, covering 2-4 positions, but they do not occur simultaneously nor appear during free spins.

Bonus Round & Free Spins:

Triggering the bonus round requires landing 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols, which awards 1, 2, or 3 bonus spins, respectively. During these spins, reels may land blanks, free spins symbols, or Golden Claws, the latter dictating the initial size of the roaming wild in the ensuing free spins. The roaming wild, which appears on reels 2 to 5, changes positions with each spin and grows with every three Golden Claw symbols collected, also adding extra free spins.

Bonus Buy & Wild Bet:

For immediate access to the bonus round, players can opt for the bonus buy feature at 100 times their stake. Additionally, activating the Wild Bet increases the stake by 50% but significantly boosts the likelihood of triggering both the modifiers and the bonus feature, offering a strategic choice for players seeking more dynamic play.

These diverse features combine to offer an immersive and potentially rewarding experience in “Roar of the Bear Megaways,” catering to players who appreciate complexity and variety in their slot gameplay.

Roar of the Bear Megaways: Slot Verdict

The Apex Predator series by iSoftBet kicked off with a bang through “Tyrant King Megaways,” then took a quieter turn with “Ocean Hunter,” and now, “Roar of the Bear Megaways” finds itself navigating a middle ground, edging perhaps more towards the aquatic than the prehistoric theme. The bear-themed installment is competently executed, featuring a forest setting that, while visually pleasing, doesn’t break new ground within the nature slot genre. The imagery is standard— a cast of animals against a well-drawn, albeit conventional, backdrop, making the game visually appealing yet somewhat lacking in novelty due to the familiarity of its aesthetics.

Mechanically, the game distinguishes itself with an expanded Megaways grid, offering a larger playground that adds intrigue through increased winning ways. The Eagle Wild and Salmon Wild features capitalize on this expanded grid, although their activation might feel sparse. These features, while enhancing gameplay, don’t necessarily become the game’s focal point. Instead, the spotlight shines on the unique growing, roaming wild symbol during free spins, which whimsically prefers the right side of the grid, occasionally making its way leftwards to potentially facilitate significant wins.

This dynamic of roaming wilds introduces an element of unpredictability, where both rewarding and lackluster outcomes are possible. Despite this, “Roar of the Bear Megaways” doesn’t quite capture the same level of engagement or innovation seen in other notable slots like Push Gaming’s ‘Fat’ series. By the conclusion, the game stands as a decent entry within the Apex Predator lineup, yet it somewhat reflects a diminishing vigor for the series concept from iSoftBet, leaving players with a mixed sense of fulfillment.


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