You are currently viewing Riches Of Caliph – New Game From Endorphina

Riches Of Caliph – New Game From Endorphina

Riches Of Caliph – New game designed by Endorphina

It is with great pleasure that the designer Endorphina comes to make available to casino players its new online casino game Riches Of Caliph. This game promises to keep you entertained for a long time. Read on to find out more.

Endorphina, a software company established since 2012 in the Czech Republic, bets everything on quality. It is a recognized designer in the production of high-flying slot machines. Bettors who are passionate about free online casino games will be delighted with Endorphina’s announcement about the release of Riches Of Caliph. This slot machine takes you on an oriental adventure with a rich Sultan. The graphics are attractive and the title, equipped with HTML5 technology, is playable from any mobile or PC device. We talk about it.

Riches Of Caliph – Protect the girl and be covered in gold

Riches Of Caliph online slot takes place in a country full of wealth. The rich Caliph has gone to great lengths to protect his daughter, whose fate predicts that she will be bitten by a snake. Your mission is to watch over this lovely lady in her castle and make sure that no dangerous creature can get near her. If you succeed in your mission in the house of this rich Sultan, you will come out with many rewards.

With a blue light on a city, old mosques and other buildings, Riches of Caliph gives a mystical feeling. It seems that the city is called Caliph, which is a bit confusing because a Caliph is also the Muslim and religious leader of a Caliphate. The 5 blue scrolls and 4 rows are divided and framed by golden lines and ornaments. You will find icons of the Sultan, a princess, jewels, daggers and fruits like watermelons, grapes, lemons and oranges.

Jackpot of 2,000 coins in play in Riches of Caliph

Protecting the rich man’s daughter from Caliph means that you have to trigger the rotation of the reels in this title. To do so, you need to place bets between 0.4 and 48€. But what rewards will you receive for protecting the Sultan’s most beloved treasure? The Caliph’s Rich could land you a jackpot of up to 2,000 times your initial bet. The payout ratio of this slot is 96.07% with 40 paylines.


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