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Red Hot Cherry Review – iSoftBet

iSoftBet launches of the new online casino game Red Hot Cherry

In a few weeks, Red Hot Cherry, a new online casino game from developer iSoftBet will be released. To put it simply, it is a classic themed slot machine. However, instead of incorporating features known to all, the title apparently introduces some new features. Let’s explore this together while we wait for its release in February 2023.

In a bid for excellence, iSoftBet, a very ambitious provider, set goals for itself very early on in its launch. The watchword was to be able to produce a quality gaming experience at online casinos. Today, iSoftBet is enjoying increased popularity, which is nothing but the product of huge human and material efforts made. With its Red Hot Cherry title, it will certainly seek to surprise punters who are used to playing on classic slot machines. We will briefly introduce you to the game in the following lines.

Classic Slot Machine, Modern Features

At first glance, Red Hot Cherry seems to be a classic online casino game without much else. The icons seen are mostly those of fruits. However, it is in the features that we realize that the title from iSoftBet offers something. To begin with, the title of the game shows that the main symbol that can make you rich is the cherry.

Apart from this fruit, there are other icons such as grapes, melons, plums, diamonds, sevens, stars, etc. In terms of design, Red Hot Cherry doesn’t overdo it, but still presents decent graphics. The interface shows a plain background while the simplistic game grid is arranged in 5 reels and 3 rows. The free slot game comes with 20 paylines and a betting range between 0.20 and 20€. By betting in the wake of this bet range, a player can claim up to 5000 times the initial amount bet.

Aside from this more or less interesting payout limit for a classic slot, several other enticing payout mechanisms are mentioned. Between various free spins, the joker (diamond) or other paying symbols, iSOftBet makes sure that you maximize your chances of winning once you land on the right icons. Several online casinos in France are eagerly awaiting the launch of the game to give them another reason to entertain punters as they should.


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