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Rainbow Ryan 2: Slot Overview

Have you ever wondered about the off-duty life of leprechauns, those elusive creatures of folklore, beyond their infamous pot-of-gold pursuits? Enter the world of Yggdrasil Gaming’s charismatic character, Ryan, who shatters all stereotypes by rocking out in “Rainbow Ryan 2.” This sequel to the 2017 hit, “Rainbow Ryan,” retains much of the charm and features of the original while introducing some fresh elements and making a few subtractions—details on those in a moment. For now, settle in, grab your favorite drink, and prepare to join the concert.

Unlike the first game, which was set outdoors against a backdrop of towering speakers broadcasting the concert far and wide, “Rainbow Ryan 2” opts for a more intimate venue—an indoor setting within the cozy confines of a local Irish pub. This setting provides a laid-back environment where leprechaun fans can kick back, enjoy a beer, and groove to Ryan’s electrifying performances. Positioned to the left of the play area, Ryan dazzles with his guitar skills, fingers nimbly dancing over the fretboard as he serenades the crowd. The focus is largely on Ryan, potentially a solo performer in this installment, enhancing the game’s immersive, Celtic-infused party vibe.

If you’ve ever been curious about what leprechauns do in their downtime, Yggdrasil Gaming’s character, Ryan, provides a rocking answer in “Rainbow Ryan 2”. This sequel to the 2017 hit “Rainbow Ryan” revives much of the original’s charm, introducing some fresh elements while also making a few subtractions. For the moment, settle in, grab a drink, and prepare for the performance.

Unlike its predecessor, which was set against an expansive outdoor venue with towering speakers, “Rainbow Ryan 2” opts for a more intimate setting inside a cozy local pub—an Irish one, to be exact. Here, leprechaun patrons can kick back and enjoy a beer while Ryan dazzles with his guitar skills to the left of the play area. With the rest of the band out of sight, Ryan seemingly carries the show solo, creating a vibrant, Celtic-infused party vibe all on his own.

However, the game’s appeal might be slightly dimmed by its RTP, which peaks at just 94%, with an even lower option available, despite a high maximum win potential. Coupled with high volatility and a hit frequency of 33.98%, bet selection becomes crucial, especially since the jackpot collection meter is tied to specific bet levels, ranging from 10 cents to $/€10 per spin.

“Rainbow Ryan 2” features a dynamic 6-reel, 4-row grid, offering 4,096 ways to win from left to right. The game includes four high-value symbols—a beer mug, a liquor bottle, a green top hat, and a keg—yielding wins from 2.5x to 6x the stake for six of a kind. Lower-value symbols are represented by the 10 to A card ranks, paying out 0.6x to 1x for a six-symbol match. Wilds, appearing on all reels, serve the dual purpose of substituting for other pay symbols or generating up to a 10x return for six in a winning combination.

Rainbow Ryan 2: Slot Features

“Rainbow Ryan 2” builds upon its predecessor by adding a suite of new features to enrich the gameplay, making for a more expansive experience. Here’s a breakdown of its dynamic features:

Synced Reels & Encore The game can synchronize 2 to 6 reels on any spin in the base game, presenting an identical array of symbols across them. Additionally, the Encore feature can activate randomly, granting a respin with at least one more reel synchronized. This Encore can potentially trigger again, adding to the excitement.

Louder Triggered by any winning spin in the base game, the Louder event introduces a random win multiplier starting from x2, with no upper limit. Should Encore respins activate, any Louders triggered are accumulated, enhancing the win potential of the initial spin and any following respins. Furthermore, if Louder leads into an Encore, the multiplier extends to these additional plays.

Free Spins Scatter symbols unlock the free spins round, with 3 to 6 scatters awarding between 8 and 20 free spins. This mode guarantees two synchronized reels on every spin, with the possibility of adding more synched reels and free spins if an Encore symbol lands. The Louder symbol, meanwhile, increases the win multiplier by +1 for the duration of the free spins, which remains active until the session concludes. Free spins cannot be retriggered.

Jackpot Collection Jackpot collection symbols can appear atop regular symbols during the base game, contributing 1, 2, or 3 points towards filling the jackpot meter. Accumulating 400 points triggers a spin on the jackpot wheel, ensuring one of four prizes: the Mini (15x), Minor (40x), Major (100x), or Maxi (2,000x) jackpot.

Bonus Buy For those eager to jump straight into the action, the game offers the option to purchase free spins, ranging from 8 to 20 spins at costs from 75x to 350x the bet, depending on the number of spins chosen.

“Rainbow Ryan 2” not only retains the charming essence of its original but amplifies it with these added functionalities, offering players a rockin’ blend of synchronization, multipliers, and jackpot opportunities wrapped in.

Rainbow Ryan 2: Slot Verdict

The release of “Rainbow Ryan 2” seven years after its original brings with it a blend of nostalgia and fresh anticipation, akin to reconnecting with an old friend after a lengthy absence. This reunion might stir a mix of excitement and hesitation, as players wonder if the sequel will recapture the magic of the first encounter while evolving the relationship in meaningful ways. However, the notably low RTP of 94% poses questions about Yggdrasil’s strategic direction—whether it’s a nod towards industry trends or an outlier in their portfolio, especially since “Rainbow Ryan 2” doesn’t fall into the category of massive progressive jackpot games, with its Maxi jackpot offering a relatively modest 2,000x the stake. This aspect certainly warrants attention to see how it aligns with player expectations and market dynamics in the long run.

On a more positive note, “Rainbow Ryan 2” shines in nearly every other aspect. Set against the backdrop of a bustling Irish pub, the game’s atmosphere is both vibrant and engaging, with Ryan, the leprechaun, bringing his characteristic charm and energy to the fore. The sequel enriches the gameplay with a suite of additional features, significantly increasing the max win potential to an impressive 20,000 times the bet. This leap is bolstered by a rising multiplier during the free spins round, which, although not retriggerable, promises high-stakes excitement akin to a lead guitarist’s solo performance—fast, flashy, and designed to captivate.

While the lower RTP might be a point of contention for some, akin to the disappointment of an unchilled beer, “Rainbow Ryan 2” still manages to deliver a compelling experience. The game weaves its features into a harmonious ensemble, offering a potentially lucrative and entertaining session for those willing to overlook its less appealing aspects. In essence, despite any reservations, “Rainbow Ryan 2” promises a show worth attending for those ready to immerse themselves in its spirited world.



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