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Queen Of Gods Review – Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play launches Queen Of Gods online casino game in best Dama N.V. casinos

Among the slots games that have enjoyed unprecedented success at online casinos are those themed on the stories of Egyptian deities. The Queen Of Gods entertainment option is one of them. Read on to find out more about this title here.

For online casino game publishers, the stories of Egyptian gods are a real source of inspiration. They use them to design attractive slot machines. Among the most popular ones are Secret of Dead, Cleopatra II, Scarab Boost, Eye of Atum, Rich Wilde and the Amulet, Mysterious Egypt. As of June 2022, Pragmatic Play is set to blow your mind at online casinos with the release of its new title entitled Queen of Gods. It will certainly add to its list of successful titles. Here’s a look at what to expect.

Cleopatra Opens The Doors To Her Kingdom

Cleopatra was one of the most famous queens of ancient Egypt. What made her so popular was the fact that she was the wife of Roman general Mark Antony and statesman Julius Caesar, with whom she had several children. In the Queen of Gods no download slot, Pragmatic Play highlights this woman and presents her as the queen of ancient Egyptian gods such as Horus, Anubis and Sobek.

To find out what she looks like and get a piece of her treasures, all you have to do is start playing games in the Queen of Gods slot. To do so, you will have to place bets ranging from 0.10 to 100€. Note that it comes with 10 paylines and a grid of 5 reels and 3 rows.


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