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Power of Gods – New Slot Game From Wazdan

Power of Gods: Medusa, a new addition from Wazdan

After Power of Gods: Hades, Wazdan continues with its series of slots about ancient deities by announcing the release of Power of Gods: Medusa. This time, it’s the Gorgon Medusa who is featured by this developer in their new online casino game.

If there’s one online casino software provider that’s on a roll right now, it’s Wazdan. This developer has been causing a stir among casino players for some time now thanks to its series of games about ancient gods, but also thanks to the Hold The Jackpot mechanism that it is so fond of. After having dealt with some ancient deities on his last titles, he now sets his sights on Medusa through Power of Gods: Medusa. This new Wazdan production benefits from both splendid graphics and the presence of the Hold The Jackpot mechanism, which we will not forget to mention below.

Get The Power Of Medusa In Power Of Gods: Medusa

Medusa or Medusa, does that name ring a bell? For those who don’t know, let us tell you that Medusa is one of the three Gorgons of Greek mythology. In the past, she was considered a monster. Then, over the years, the myth was presented in such a way as to portray her more as a victim of metamorphosis (or human abuse) who had difficulty controlling her own powers.

As everyone knows, Medusa’s eyes petrify any mortal who dares to look into them. According to the stories, she had either a boar’s face, tongue hanging out, eyes bulging out, or a face of extreme beauty, almost breathtaking. The only detail that almost never varies is the presence of snakes in her hair. After being decapitated by the valiant warrior Perseus, his head was given to Athena, who attached it to her aegis. Her representation became a protection against the evil eye and today symbolizes feminist rage and power. In its DamaNV online casino game Power of Gods: Medusa, Wazdan makes you revisit the legend of this Greek Gorgon in the most beautiful way.

Although we don’t have enough information about this free slot yet, we can tell you that it features the Hold the Jackpot mechanism. The latter allows the player to benefit from three re-spins, which will make your sessions even more enjoyable! Also, Power of Gods: Medusa is designed with HTML5 technology and will be compatible with any mobile device. As for its release date, the title will be available at Dama N.V. online casinos powered by Wazdan as early as December 2021.

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