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Possessed: Slot Overview

In our contemporary world, deeply rooted in scientific understanding and materialism, the notion of the supernatural often encounters skepticism. Phrases like “Ghosts? Pure nonsense,” or “Thor? Surely you jest,” are common among those who pride themselves on a logical and rational outlook. Yet, what if beneath this layer of skepticism lies a tumultuous undercurrent of chaos, eager to unleash its malevolence, envy, and violence upon a society too proud of its intellectual achievements, searching for just one opportunity to breach the divide between worlds and spread turmoil?

This intriguing premise is what Nolimit City delves into with its online slot, Possessed. This game draws parallels with iconic horror movies such as The Exorcist, a film adaptation of a novel that narrates the harrowing ordeal of a young girl’s fight against demonic possession, culminating in an exorcism by two Catholic priests. Possessed, with its rich tapestry of religious imagery, narrates a battle for the soul of a woman caught in the grip of possession, her eyes aglow with otherworldly force. Far from being light-hearted entertainment, Possessed aligns with Nolimit City’s penchant for exploring the darker, more enigmatic facets of existence, standing shoulder to shoulder with its other creations like True Kult, The Crypt, Blood and Shadow, and Book of Shadows.

Possessed unfolds across a 5-reel grid, featuring a unique arrangement of 3-6-6-6-3 symbols, offering 1,944 ways to win. At the core of this grid lies a distinctive area named the Cross, accentuating the game’s thematic depth. Wins materialize by aligning matching symbols on adjacent reels starting from the left, underpinned by a highly volatile math model rated a perfect 10 out of 10 for volatility. The slot proposes a default Return to Player (RTP) of 96.06% for bets ranging from 20 cents to $/€100 per spin, which slightly decreases to 96.04% when opting for the xBet feature. This feature, when activated, amplifies the stake by 2.5 times and enhances the likelihood of triggering free spins from once in 237 spins to once in 47 spins.

The game’s symbols are divided into characters and various thematic elements. The lower-value symbols include a book, a cross, legs, hands, and an axe, while the higher-value icons comprise a praying individual, a cat, a demon, a priest, and the possessed woman herself. The low-paying symbols award winnings ranging from 0.2 to 0.7 times the bet for a sequence of five, and landing five of the high-paying symbols yields rewards between 1.2 to 3 times the bet.

Possessed: Slot Features

Possessed conjures a variety of special features to deepen its gameplay, including xWays, Infectious xWays, wilds, xActivation, and several distinct types of spins, alongside the option for bonus buys, to enrich the player’s experience with its dark thematic elements.

xWays and Infectious xWays
xWays symbols morph into 2 or 3 duplicates of any pay symbol except for wilds, scatters, or xActivation symbols, augmenting potential wins. Infectious xWays double into 2 copies of a symbol and trigger all identical symbols on the reels to also duplicate, increasing the chances of landing winning combinations.

Wild symbols are exclusive to the middle reel and have a unique interaction with the Cross area on the grid. Landing a wild at the intersection of the Cross turns it into an x2 multiplier wild, enhancing wins further. If a wild appears in any other segment within the Cross, it converts the middle reels into wilds, with an accompanying multiplier to boost payouts.

The appearance of an xActivation symbol in the main game initiates a respin, with a limit of one xActivation symbol per spin. The initial landing activates three positions within the Cross, filling these with a random high-value symbol from the xCrucifix reel. The xActivation feature can recur on respins, activating additional Cross positions until fully activated, while sequentially removing the lowest paying symbol from the xCrucifix reel with each appearance. Although the xActivation symbol can show up in bonus modes, it doesn’t activate Cross positions in these scenarios.

These meticulously crafted features in Possessed offer players a complex and engaging gameplay environment, reflecting the game’s haunting narrative and providing multiple layers of interactive and potentially lucrative elements.

In Possessed, the gameplay is enriched with a suite of distinctive features such as xWays, Infectious xWays, wilds, xActivation, and various free spins rounds named Necromancy Spins, Atonement Spins, and Beelzebub Spins, alongside the option for bonus buys.

xWays and Infectious xWays:
xWays symbols can morph into 2 or 3 copies of any pay symbol except for wilds, scatters, or xActivation symbols. Infectious xWays also transform into 2 copies of a symbol, and then duplicate any identical symbols on the reels to further expand winning possibilities.

Wild symbols appear exclusively on the middle reel. Landing a wild at the Cross’s intersection transforms it into an x2 multiplier wild. If a wild lands elsewhere on the Cross, the middle reels become wild with an applicable multiplier.

An xActivation symbol triggers a respin in the main game, with a limit of one xActivation per spin. Initially, it activates three positions of the Cross, filling them with a random symbol from the high-paying xCrucifix reel. Subsequent xActivation symbols can activate additional Cross positions until all are active, removing the lowest paying symbol from the xCrucifix reel each time.

Free Spins Rounds:

  • Necromancy Spins: Triggered by 3 scatters for 9 spins, activating 3 Cross positions, with each additional scatter providing an extra spin and activating another Cross position. Removed pay symbols stay removed for the duration of the round.
  • Atonement Spins: Triggered by 4 scatters for 12 spins, activating 4 Cross positions, with each extra scatter adding a spin and activating all remaining Cross positions.
  • Beelzebub Spins: Triggered by 5 scatters for 15 spins, activating all Cross positions, with an extra scatter adding one more spin.

Nolimit Bonus (Feature Buys):
Players can directly purchase free spins rounds at varying costs and RTPs, including 9 Necromancy Spins, 12 Atonement Spins, 15 Beelzebub Spins, or opt for a Lucky Dip, offering a chance at any of the three spins rounds.

These elements combine to create a dynamic and immersive experience in Possessed, offering players a range of strategies to explore within the dark and thrilling world Nolimit City has crafted.

Possessed: Slot Verdict

Once you’ve gotten a handle on the gameplay elements like the Cross, the xCrucifix, and how the active areas function, Possessed by Nolimit City reveals itself as a surprisingly straightforward game to navigate. The core strategy revolves around activating as many sections of the Cross as possible and then populating it with symbols. Incorporating multipliers or filling the Cross entirely with wilds is also a beneficial strategy. Despite its complex setup, Possessed becomes much more approachable once the player understands how its various mechanisms synergize.

However, the real challenge lies in orchestrating these components to ignite the game’s full exorcism-themed potential. Interestingly, during the review, free spins were triggered with unexpected frequency, even without the xBet feature being active. While not all payouts were remarkable, Possessed boasts an impressive maximum win potential of 50,000x the stake, with the most lucrative outcomes likely occurring during the bonus rounds. Progressing through the xCrucifix symbol list adds a layer of engagement, and though it may not be as intense as The Crypt, Possessed seems to offer a more balanced experience with fewer dead spins.

Characterized by its high volatility, Possessed is equipped to dramatically impact your bankroll, metaphorically “setting fire to your living room.” The game is enriched with unique features, such as an inverse spinning action during bonus rounds, accompanied by flames, creating an atmosphere where something seems fundamentally amiss.

While it may not be racing towards classic status, Possessed is packed with potential and stands out with its distinctive theme and mechanics. Even if some may find its thematic elements controversial, it’s another testament to Nolimit City’s capability to produce unique, engaging slots that stand apart from the crowd.


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