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Pop Cop: Slot Overview

Ever looked in the mirror and felt so uninspired by your reflection that you felt compelled to reinvent yourself with a new wardrobe, a fresh haircut, or even a tattoo for a style overhaul? This seems to mirror the transformative journey developer Peter & Sons embarked on before unveiling their online slot, Pop Cop. While it might appear that Pop Cop is tailored for the Japanese market, its departure from the studio’s known style is so pronounced that, without prior knowledge, Peter & Sons would likely be one of the last names guessed as its creator. If witnessing a studio daringly experiment with a completely new aesthetic intrigues you, then Pop Cop is worth exploring.

Pop Cop presents itself as a vivid throwback to 1990s Asian anime and manga culture, infused with Rototom drums, a vibrant palette of pink and cyan, a palm-studded beach setting, and a roster of distinctive characters. Among them is the game’s protagonist, a curvaceous cop lady, who dons minimal attire for the game’s count-up scenes. Set in the fictional city of Neopolis, she grows weary of her mundane duties and takes to her motocompo, navigating through thug-laden streets to disrupt criminal activities and seize their loot. This quirky narrative backdrop is as unconventional as the rest of the game’s elements, marking a departure from Peter & Sons’ previous work, known for its cute and cartoony slots crafted in a unique visual style.

In the demo version of Pop Cop, and potentially in the live version as well, players can adjust their bets from 10 to 5,000 per spin. It’s not specified whether this range is in coins or Yen. Additionally, the game offers a Golden Bet feature for an extra cost of 20% per spin, enhancing the probability of activating free spins. When the Golden Bet is engaged, the Return to Player (RTP) rate slightly decreases to 96.1% from its original 96.3%. This high-volatility game unfolds on a 6-reel, 5-row setup, employing a scatter-paying mechanism to award wins.

The game incorporates a cascading wins feature, where winning symbols from a scatter pay are removed, allowing new symbols to fall into place and potentially create additional wins within the same spin. This cascading process continues until no further wins occur after a new set of symbols drops in. A win occurs when 8 or more identical symbols appear anywhere on the reels. The game’s lower-value symbols are represented by written characters, with four higher-value symbols depicted by actual characters. For an 8-symbol scatter win, payouts range from 0.25 to 10 times the stake, increasing to 2 to 50 times the stake for 11 or more matching symbols.

Pop Cop: Slot Features

In the vibrant world of Neopolis, players encounter a suite of dynamic features including cascades, area multipliers, free spins, and the option to purchase free spins directly.

Area Multiplier The game introduces randomly occurring marked areas on the grid, each with a potential multiplier of up to x10 during the base game. These multipliers apply to specific symbols within the marked area, scatters included. For instance, if a player lands 8 matching symbols and 3 of those fall within a marked area with an x15 multiplier, the win is boosted by an impressive x45 multiplier.

Free Spins Securing 4 scatter symbols triggers a rewarding 10 free spins, with an additional 5 free spins awarded for each scatter symbol beyond the fourth. The initial scatter payout offers a multiplier effect on the bet: 3x for 3 scatters, 5x for 4 scatters, and a substantial 100x for 5 or more scatters. During the free spins round, landing 3 or more scatters adds another 5 free spins to the tally. Notably, marked areas with multipliers seem to appear with greater frequency during free spins, enhancing potential wins significantly, though this detail isn’t explicitly confirmed in the game’s rules. The multipliers during free spins are even more lucrative, ranging from x5 to an astonishing x50.

Buy Free Spins For those eager to dive straight into the action, the game offers a “Buy Free Spins” feature. By clicking the shopping cart icon, players can purchase 10 to 20 random free spins at the cost of 160 times their current bet, instantly accessing the game’s potentially lucrative free spins round without waiting for scatters to appear naturally.

Pop Cop: Slot Verdict

Reviewing Pop Cop elicited a reaction akin to the surprise of spotting a typically conservative friend emerging from an adult store, package in hand. It’s a stark reminder of the unexpected facets of personality and preferences, much like Pop Cop stands out as an unexpectedly bold venture for Peter & Sons. The game’s daring theme raises questions: Is this a singular adventurous foray akin to a college phase of experimentation, or does it signify a bold new direction for the studio’s creative approach? The game’s distinct style and features seem tailored for a Japanese audience, offering a possible explanation for its unconventional design.

The gameplay itself offers a solid experience. The scatter-paying slot genre has seen a surge in popularity, and Pop Cop distinguishes itself with the novel area multiplier mechanic, adding a unique twist. These multipliers can significantly amplify wins, contributing to the game’s potential for rewarding players with up to 10,000 times their bet.

Pop Cop generates a mix of bewilderment and fascination, reminiscent of the polarizing reactions often elicited by modern art. Even after a thorough review, the game remains an enigma, likely to captivate a niche audience while leaving others perplexed. Its place in the gaming world resembles a piece of art that divides opinion, with some players enthralled and others simply left wondering.


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