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Playboy Wilds Review – New Slot From Microgaming

Playboy Wilds online casino game released

Microgaming has just launched its new slot game called Playboy Wilds. This one offers some interesting features that are just available to make your experience a moment filled with entertainment and great rewards. Find out more here!

Microgaming is a designer that knows exactly what it wants. Since its inception, it has set itself the goal of actively and qualitatively contributing to the production of quality online slot machines in the gaming industry. Several times already, this provider has received awards for its innovation and ingenuity in the field. This time, they are bringing back the Playboy theme to the best Dama NV online casinos in a new format. It is Playboy Wilds. This entertainment option is sure to provide you with some great fun and great rewards. Read on to find out more about the features of this slot machine.

Get up to 5,044 times your bet on Playboy Wilds

The Playboy brand continues to work well with Microgaming. The new Playboy Wilds slot machine has joined this collection. This online casino game features excellent and innovative graphics and incorporates a variety of animations. Since the production is part of Microgaming’s game library, it has managed to infuse it with the tradition of excellence that it has always followed. The images in the background create an erotic and sexy atmosphere. You will see a hotel setting where chairs and tables are arranged in front of cabinets that certainly contain drinks. The sound effects are soothing and attractive, and they prepare you for the action. Microgaming invites you to spend some pleasant moments in this well laid out setting for your enjoyment. Moreover, sitting in your living room or traveling, you can access this comfort from your various mobile devices, and this is thanks to the advanced technology that the game is integrated with.

When you see the jackpot of 5,044 times the stake, you can see that the new Playboy Wilds free slot machine rhymes with great rewards. This online casino game from France has 6 reels, 6 rows and features the popular Cluster Chase model which means multiple ways to win, giving you the opportunity to win big. In addition to all this, there are wildcards, multipliers and free spins that increase your chances of winning huge prizes.


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