Play With the Devil – (RED TIGER) SLOT REVIEW

Play With the Devil: Slot Overview

Echoing a sentiment expressed by Lucius Malfoy, engaging with the devil, traditionally seen as the sovereign of hell and its myriad of demons, might be considered an act of either remarkable courage or sheer folly, given the daunting nature of his reputed responsibilities. However, this ominous perspective shifts significantly when the context is the world of online slots. Here, devil-themed characters are often depicted more as charming, mischievous cartoon figures rather than embodiments of pure malevolence. This lighter portrayal is vividly embraced in Red Tiger’s online slot, Play With the Devil, which features a devil character that combines human and goat attributes, set against a backdrop that hints at a hellish realm. Yet, this setting eschews the harrowing visions of despair traditionally associated with such locales, opting instead for a whimsical, animated approach filled with treasures and engaging visuals. The game offers a playful atmosphere, successfully transforming a theme that could be dark and foreboding into an entertaining and enjoyable slot experience.

The 5-reel, 20-payline setup of Play With the Devil is uniquely supported by a pair of distinctive horns, emphasizing the game’s devilish theme. Wins are awarded from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel. This slot falls into the medium-high volatility category and offers a modest maximum win cap, alongside a top Return to Player (RTP) value of 95.71%. Players have a range of betting options, from 10 cents up to $/€20 per spin, with the addition of a feature buy option presenting gamblers with two distinct choices to enhance their gameplay.

For those curious about the game’s symbols, a dive into the ‘Pays’ section unveils the array of symbols awaiting. The low-value symbols are represented by the card ranks from 10 to A, while the high-value symbols include an assortment of treasures: scrolls, a mysterious book, a striking blue/gold treasure object, and a lavish pile of jewels. Landing a combination of five matching low-value symbols yields rewards ranging from 0.8 to 1.2 times the stake. In contrast, securing a line of five high-value symbols can award between 2 to 20 times the bet, showcasing the game’s potential for both fun and fruitful outcomes.

Play With the Devil: Slot Features

In the review of Play With the Devil, the game’s mechanics start to reveal familiar features that many slot enthusiasts appreciate, including Devil Wilds, Devil Coins, Bonus Prizes, free spins, and the option to buy features.

Devil Wilds are special symbols that can substitute for all paying symbols and have the potential to trigger free spins. These symbols are unique because they can only land in the central position of the grid, which is specially marked. Landing a Devil Wild along with Bonus Prizes and/or Devil Coins on the same spin results in the combined value of these prizes being awarded. In instances where the Devil Wild doesn’t appear initially, the central position may randomly respin, providing another chance for it to land.

Devil Coins appear with a bet multiplier value ranging from 0.5x to 2x. These multipliers are unlocked and awarded when a Devil Wild lands simultaneously, revealing the coin’s value.

Bonus Prizes introduce an extra layer of excitement with four different types offering various multiplier prizes: the Mini Bonus (5x), Minor Bonus (10x), Major Bonus (75x), and Mega Bonus (1,000x the bet). These prizes are activated and summed up when landing alongside a Devil Wild.

Free Spins are triggered when the Devil Wild symbol lands and animates by throwing fireballs at one or both chests situated above the reels, potentially activating them. The activation of one chest rewards players with 6 free spins, whereas activating both chests doubles the count to 12 free spins. During these free spins, the Devil Wild locks in the middle position, enhancing the chance for additional spins or prizes with each fireball thrown.

Feature Buys offer a direct route to the action, allowing players to purchase a spin that guarantees a Devil Wild and at least one Devil Coin for 6 times the bet, or a trigger for free spins for 66 times the bet. Opting for a feature buy maintains an RTP of 95.7%, providing a strategic option for players seeking specific game outcomes.

Play With the Devil: Slot Verdict

The category of slots with a devilish or hell-themed aesthetic seems to be growing more popular, with several notable titles coming to mind such as “Charlie Chance In Hell To Pay” by Play’n GO, “Devour the Weak” by Yggdrasil Gaming, and “Hellvis Wild” by Pragmatic Play, along with a variety of slots based on underworld mythology. Red Tiger has joined this trend, possibly drawing inspiration from “Demon Pots” by Pragmatic Play and Reel Kingdom, or its land-based counterpart. While “Play With the Devil” isn’t an exact replica, its mechanics, including the central Devil Wild symbol, the action of throwing fireballs at containers above the reels, and collecting coins, bear a resemblance to those features.

“Play With the Devil” introduces an element of novelty with its Bonus Prizes, yet aside from the Mega prize, the rewards don’t particularly excite, peaking at 75x. The maximum win potential of 2,523.3x the stake falls significantly short when compared to “Demon Pots,” highlighting a more conservative approach in terms of payout potential. Additionally, despite its straightforward gameplay—which might appeal to a segment of players seeking simplicity—”Play With the Devil” doesn’t stand out in a field that values high-stakes excitement and deep, engaging mechanics.

Considering all its aspects, “Play With the Devil” fits the profile of a typical Red Tiger slot, excelling in visual and auditory presentation but not quite capturing the imagination in gameplay depth and winning potential. For those in search of a lighthearted, devil-themed slot that’s easy to dive into without too much complexity, “Play With the Devil” could be an enjoyable choice. However, it may not hold the allure needed to truly make its mark or lead the pack in the increasingly competitive and creatively rich hell-themed slot genre.


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