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PigsVille: Slot Overview

Stakelogic introduces players to an imaginative urban setting with PigsVille, an online slot game that transports you to a city inhabited exclusively by pigs. This quirky concept takes you beyond the mundane, showcasing a pig effortlessly floating across the sky and others cruising by on motorbikes—a surprisingly not-so-rare theme in the world of online slots. Indeed, Stakelogic had previously ventured into similar territory with Wild Hogs, making PigsVille a close kin in terms of gameplay and features, essentially mirroring its predecessor.

PigsVille oscillates between an urban base game setting and a more pastoral bonus round backdrop, offering players a blend of free spins and trail features within these contrasting environments. Despite its genetic resemblance to Wild Hogs, PigsVille distinguishes itself with a markedly lighter and more buoyant atmosphere. The darker, more intense landscape of its counterpart gives way to a setting that’s airy and inviting, aligning more with a “Muppet Babies” vibe than Wild Hogs’ gritty aesthetic. This shift in tone offers players a different emotional palette, proving that in the world of slots, variety truly is the spice of life, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

In both the base game and free spins rounds, PigsVille unfolds on a dynamic 6-reel grid, with each reel capable of displaying up to 6 rows. This setup affords players a maximum of 46,656 ways to win, offering a broad landscape for potential victories. The game operates with a default Return to Player (RTP) of 96.01% and is characterized by a high level of volatility, ensuring that each spin can bring significant changes in fortune. Betting options range from 20 cents to $/€100 per spin, accommodating a wide spectrum of betting preferences. Additionally, PigsVille introduces three distinct bonus buy options, providing players with more control over their gaming experience.

The symbols in PigsVille are designed to charm, starting with the J to A royals serving as the low-value symbols. The medium-value symbols include an assortment of sweet treats: an icing biscuit, a cupcake, a doughnut, and a toffee apple, each contributing to the game’s whimsical feel. The highest payouts are reserved for the four cheerful piggy characters, bringing personality and humor to the reels. Landing a combination of five low-value symbols awards between 0.2 to 0.3 times the bet, while five medium symbols yield 0.8 times the bet, and five high-value piggy characters offer rewards ranging from 2 to 8 times the bet.

Wild symbols, which appear on all reels except the leftmost one, play a crucial role by substituting for all symbols except the bonus scatter, enhancing the chance of forming winning combinations. Moreover, PigsVille features a tumble mechanic, where winning symbols are cleared from the grid to allow new symbols to drop in, potentially triggering additional wins. This process continues until no new winning combinations are formed, adding an extra layer of excitement to each spin.

PigsVille: Slot Features

Wilds play a central role in PigsVille, enhanced by three unique wild modifier features, alongside enticing gameplay elements like Bonus Wheels, free spins, and both a Bonus Trail and a Super Bonus Trail.

Wild Modifiers: These randomly triggered features enhance the grid with wild capabilities beyond the standard, without appearing on the leftmost reel:

  • Spawning Wilds: Up to 5 random wilds are placed on the grid, each with multipliers ranging from x2 to x5.
  • Expanding Wilds: Places up to three expanding wilds across the reels.
  • Wild Streak: Distributes several wilds across one or multiple rows.

Bonus Wheel & Super Bonus Wheel: Access to the Bonus Wheel is granted by landing 3 scatter symbols on reels 2 through 5, while 4 scatters trigger the Super Bonus Wheel. The Bonus Wheel can award free spins, a Bonus Trail, or a Super Bonus Trail, with the Super Wheel increasing the likelihood of securing the Super Bonus Trail or enhanced free spins.

Free Spins: Awarded through the Bonus Wheel, players receive between 6 to 15 free spins, during which all low-value symbols are eliminated from the reels. Additional scatters during this round can trigger another Bonus Wheel spin.

Bonus Trail & Super Bonus Trail: Players navigate a trail to accumulate multipliers, starting with 3 lives. Movement around the trail is determined by revealed numbers, with multipliers added to the win bank for each landed number. Repeated landings or revealing an “X” costs a life. The round concludes when lives are depleted, awarding the total multiplier value. Special features can be triggered by landing on mystery positions, offering enhancements like adding values to the board, returning lives, increasing board values, resetting marked positions, or instant multiplier payouts. The Super Bonus Trail intensifies these features for even greater rewards.

Buy Bonus: Players have the option to directly purchase access to the Bonus Wheel, the Bonus Trail, or the Super Trail, with costs set at 100x, 150x, and 250x the bet, respectively, opening up strategic opportunities to engage with the game’s special features directly.

PigsVille cleverly integrates these dynamic elements, offering a gameplay experience that is both engaging and filled with opportunities for substantial wins.

PigsVille: Slot Verdict

Wild Hogs set a high benchmark in terms of gaming experience, and PigsVille follows closely in its footsteps, albeit with a nuanced shift in thematic delivery. The transition from the gritty, rebellious pigs on a mission in Wild Hogs to the more urbane, middle-class lifestyle of PigsVille’s inhabitants paints a vivid contrast between the two slots. PigsVille’s characters embody a story of societal success, depicting pigs who have embraced the conventional route to prosperity, complete with a foray into motorbike clubs as a nod to a mid-life quest for adventure.

Mechanically, PigsVille offers a familiar gameplay experience with similar features and the same level of excitement as its predecessor. The removal of low-pay symbols during free spins enhances the winning possibilities on a grid bustling with potential. The bonus trails provide an engaging side quest reminiscent, albeit less intricate, of the Dead Man’s Trail bonus from Relax Gaming, with the super versions of these bonuses offering additional appeal due to their lasting effects.

Despite matching Wild Hogs in terms of technical prowess, PigsVille’s entertainment value feels somewhat diminished. This perception may stem from the game’s replication of features from its predecessor, which, while still enjoyable, lack the novelty of the first encounter. Furthermore, the subdued audiovisuals of PigsVille, though aiming for a more genteel atmosphere, might not resonate as strongly with players who were captivated by the more striking presentation and audacious spirit of Wild Hogs.


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