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Pharaoh’s Gaze DoubleMax Review – Yggdrasil Gaming

Pharaoh’s Gaze DoubleMax coming soon to top Dama N.V. virtual casinos

Looking for a versatile online casino game designer? You’d better turn to Yggdrasil Gaming! With a cupboard full of awards, the publisher is preparing for the launch of its new Pharaoh’s Gaze DoubleMax slot for next February.

It is no longer presented. With 10 years of experience in the world of online casinos, Yggdrasil Gaming has proven that it deserves its place at the big table, especially thanks to the quality of the games offered. It’s no wonder that each of its releases is so closely watched by players. In a few weeks, they will be able to discover his new production called Pharaoh’s Gaze DoubleMax. Read the rest of the article to find out more.

Pharaoh’s Gaze DoubleMax Theme, Features and Winnings

Pharaoh’s Gaze DoubleMax is the new title that Yggdrasil plans to launch in February. The graphics of this free casino game are inspired by Egyptian mythology, specifically the Pharaohs. Long locked up in a previously unknown place, the pharaoh is now freed and the brave players crossing his eyes will be able to receive very interesting rewards from him. Visually, the background of the interface appears to be an Egyptian temple on which the reels are arranged.

The game grid has 5 reels and 3 rows. On the grid, there are poker card icons, animal mask characters and a throne of sorts, representing the symbol with the highest payout. As far as the features are concerned, the appearance of at least 3 scatter symbols entitles the player to 7 free spins, while the joker replaces all other icons except the scatter one. The potential jackpot here is up to 15,000 times your bet, the betting range is between 0.20 and 40€ and the RTP is 96.1%.


Hopefully, it does not seem like we are trying to detract anything from the efforts at Bang Bang Games, but playing Pharaohs Gaze DoubleMax, there is the sense that a bit of polish has worn off of DoubleMaxs features. It was kind of weird, building up to a large multiplier multiple times, which didnat feel connected to anything. Even with adding Wilds, full-reel Wilds in some cases, from Pharaohs Gaze Wilds function. Granted, not every spin or bonus round is likely to produce the kind of guffaw-inducing spectacle that perhaps we are reinterpreting too harshly, but this highlights a complex mathematic formula bubbling behind the scenes, which keeps a few fairly large modifiers balanced, all the while keeping things from constantly exploding.

Not to say that DoubleMaxs Pharaohs Gaze does not explode when hit at just the right notes. The multiplier it produces could really go up, and when adding in wilds from the collection Pharoahs Jewels, you can see where one dependable line-win can get greatly amplified. Jaw-dropping results certainly happened in Raptor DoubleMax more than once, so there is little doubt that Pharaohs Gaze DoubleMax can also break out, as much as 15000 times your bet.

Not quite as impressive as some other DoubleMax games, maybe, but still quite impressive. Yggdrasil Gaming was definitely on to something when they released Raptor DoubleMax, as so far, slots that followed it failed to have as much of an impact — be they made by a partner studio or by Yggdrasil Gaming themselves, Neon Villains being one of those examples. Pharaohs Gaze DoubleMax is another that is completely playable, has the tech-goods to make for a pulse-pounding ride, but simply cannot shine quite as brightly as the original.


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